El Morro conversion, it's about time Re: "Should El...

August 30, 2002

El Morro conversion, it's about time

Re: "Should El Morro village be converted into a location for

camping and day use?" (Coastline Pilot, Aug. 23)

Yes. The trailer park is on state land purchased by a board issue

for all Californians in 1979. We have waited while they have obtained

lease extensions by pandering to local politicians from Marion

Bergeson to John Campbell.


Sympathy, if any, should be extended to the taxpayers of the state

who are tired of waiting.

Ed Merrilees

Laguna Beach

It certainly is great news that at last by 2004 the El Morro

Trailer Park, including the beach, will be converted to campsites and

day use for the California public. We have been waiting for 25 years,

since the purchase by the state parks, for this to happen.

Those fortunate people who have been able to live there all these

years will now have to step aside and allow those of us who have been

kept out have our chance to enjoy this wonderful area.

Fern Pirkle

Corona del Mar

Yes, I am absolutely convinced that a camping site and

recreational site is needed and wanted and will make exceptionally

fine use of a beautiful beach that few can use at the present moment.

Problems that must be solved:

The place needs a new name. There is already El Moro State Park in

Northern California. How about a contest to rename the place. Let the

kids get involved. Laguna Beach State Park would have my vote.

El Morro school site must be fenced off and completely protected

from predations by strangers having access to our kids.

Pedestrian access to the beach can still be made by tunnel or a

new pedestrian overpass like the one at Aliso Creek. Please try not

to put another traffic signal out there for pedestrians to ignore.

Because I formerly lived in Malibu it was a pleasure to know that

folks could camp on the beach at Leo Carillo State Beach right up the

coast and I often took my kids there. Now I could take my

grandchildren. We've been on the beach at Doheny in Dana Point and

the campgrounds are nice but crowded. The picnic grounds are nice but

crowded. Let's be visionary and add 2,800 acres of recreational land

to our community.

Go for it! What help do you need?

Frances Heussenstamm

Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist,

retired Laguna Beach

El Moro not good place for campground

No, for many reasons, the school is too close: traffic, trash,

pollution, transients and that's just to mention a few. But the most

important reason is the state should not have the to right to make

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