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August 30, 2002

Design Review Board currently does where it is for the benefit of all

the concerned parties.

Lets keep it simple, anything along the property lines as defined

in the existing fence ordinance, is subject to the rules of the fence

ordinance regardless of what that "anything" is.

Dave Connell

Laguna Beach


A height limit of 6 to 8 feet is reasonable.

Unfortunately, there are neighbors who lack a desire to enjoy a

view or might have something to hide.

The same problem exists with the wild growth of trees.

It is hoped that the various city officials can develop a

reasonable plan so that our original vistas can be recovered.

Grant McCombs

Laguna Beach

Hedge height limit not right for city

If Planning Commissioner Norman Grossman and City Councilwoman

Cheryl Kinsman are able to pass the hedge height zoning amendment on

Sept. 11, you will be required to maintain your hedges on what the

city determines is the front portion of your property at a height of

4 feet or less. Otherwise you will be breaking the law.

If the preference for your property exceeds the 4-foot height

limit you will then have to have a group of architects determine the

fate of your foliage and rights to privacy based on their decision to

issue you a special permit, which you then will have to pay the city


The rationalization for this legislation has been stated to be for

the "safety of the public." There are already encroachment laws in

our municipal codes that restrict plant growth from extending in to

public domain. All the city needs to do is implement t hem. If my

foliage is a safety hazard to the public then they are trespassing

onto private property.

I see the legislation as the cities attempt to control and

capitalize on the individuals' right to privacy and quality of life.

This city has been legislating against our basic civil liberties

by doing nothing. Doing nothing still inevitably yields a result. The

lace of measures taken by this city to eliminate the noise, visual

and olfactory pollution one is continually subjected to in the course

of a weekend is distressing.

This is demonstrated by lack of any measures taken to eliminate

the noise from the illegal cigarette boats that go back and forth

along the coast or by the prop planes and their advertisements for

sunscreen going back and forth all day long all weekend or by

omnipotent decisions of eliminating a watercourse from a development

project so the impact on the resulting water quality won't have to be

given consideration.

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