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August 30, 2002

Residents new and old have grown weary listening to the multitude

of lame excuses from the city as to why they can't do anything. We

need to start hearing how we can and see it in action. This is your

role as representatives of our community.

However the city has taken an active stance toward implementing

regulations that not only promote but also will force the residents

to build. The amendment will do just this. These hedges that are


"buffers" not "barriers" from which there is still noise, odor and

visual privacy that is compromised by the resident in exchange for

greenery, a breeze and sunshine.

If you require residents to remove this buffer they will seek to

meet this need in other ways to restore their quality of living and

you will force residents to achieve their privacy, peace and quiet by

building walls and adding onto their houses. This makes all the

concern for "mansionization" look like a bunch of lip service.

The focus of the management of this city is money, money, money at

the expense of personal quality of living, living, living. Hasty

change appears financially rewarding however it quickly fizzles into

financial loss in the long run.

Laguna does not have the only beach access along the coast. One of

the reasons people come here is because of the amount of greenery

from nature that is present. When people go out they want to forget

their troubles and get a way from civilization not look at more of


If we continue along this trend next year the city will be telling

us what color we can or cannot paint our house. Where and when will

it end? Eventually we will be no different from the Corona del Mar or

any other beach city.

With this type of thinking we might consider enclosing the Pageant

stadium too. The risk of someone getting a chill would far outweigh

the delight in the ability to sit under the stars.

Sharon Paget

Laguna Beach

The hedge height amendment Norm Grossman and the Laguna Beach

Planning Commission will put into effect Sept. 11 is not in keeping

with the character of this town.

This amendment will impair the ability of the foliage to grow in a

customary and healthy manner associated with its individual species

by disrupting the quality and balance necessary in order to sustain a

healthy environment community.

The majority of the plants in this region flower, produce seeds

and develop new growth on the top portions of the plant. Flowers are

often where people derive their appreciation for the aesthetic beauty

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