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August 30, 2002

provided by foliage. Seeds and leaf litter are one of the primary

ways nutrients and vitality of the soil is refurbished.

Topping plants in order to maintain a height restriction

eliminates a crucial portion of a plants normal lifecycle and is

exactly the reason why lawyers, accountants and the realtors should

not be making legislative decisions that involve the environment.

The real safety issue: We have been told that the hedge height


limit is for "safety" reasons. This amendment is a safety hazard to

individuals and their homes. Restrictions placed on foliage in sloped

regions where geological instability exists impairs the growth

patterns of secondary root structures which have proven to be a vital

factor in maintaining the stability and integrity of the basic soil

structures, especially during times of wet conditions.

We have been told that the hedge height limit will enhance the

view-shed. Limitations to foliage heights based on the view-shed

perspective should be nothing less than the height restrictions

placed on housing.

Norm Grossman says, "We should treat a hedge like a fence." Well

Norm, I hate to tell you, but a hedge is not a fence just like apples

are not oranges. Try treating a zinnea like a rose and it will tell

you loud and clear that it is not happy about it. This is if you

would listen to the voice of nature.

Our environment has been yelling at us for some time now. When are

we going to start listening?

Christi Pacello

Laguna Beach

"Mind your own business and you won't be minding mine."

-- Hank Williams

The proposed hedge height amendment currently under consideration

by the Planning Commission of Laguna Beach is "tit for tat"

legislation that doesn't belong in this town.

This is micro legislation that does not belong at the city level.

Diversity and differences used to be appreciated by the residents of

this community. This type of micromanagement just fosters hostility

among neighbors by allowing them to retaliate against a neighbor when

there is a valid gripe.

I am looking around at the properties surrounding my property. It

is easily visible that approximately 80% of them would not be in

compliance with the hedge or fence ordinance. So how is the

application of this law to be applied equally and fairly? It can't

without making major changes to the appearance of this community.

This type of management is unbecoming to mature plant life as well

as mature adults. I discourage its ratification by the Planning

Commission on Sept. 11.

Robert Davey

Laguna Beach

Condon deserved the recognition

Enjoyed the article in your people feature on the "Keeper of the

Parks" crew chief Anthony Condon (Coastline Pilot, Aug. 23). It's

great to hear about people who love their work here in Laguna.

The city is to be commended for its dedicated folks who put in

that extra effort behind the scenes to keep the landscape in top

shape. Getting to know Anthony the last couple of years has shown

that he has benefited from a loving family and the aloha spirit that

a surfer develops from a committed life.

Marlo Bartels

Marlo Bartels Studio

in Laguna Beach

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