The galleries denoted with a ( ) participate in the First...

October 18, 2002

The galleries denoted with a (*) participate in the First Thursday

Artwalk from 6 to 9 p.m., Nov. 7.



Gallery McCollum*

(949) 497-4027

206 N. Coast Highway


Specializing in local landscapes, seascapes and tropicals. The

gallery is featuring Caroline Zimmermann and her collection of recent

painting from Tuscany and California titled "Terra Bella."

Laguna Art Museum*

(949) 376-8971

307 Cliff Drive

The Museum is featuring ''Surf Culture: The Art History of

Surfing.'' The exhibit explores the intersection of the surf and art

realms today through the work of an equally cross-disciplinary group

of artists who surf and surfers who make art. The exhibit will run

through Oct. 6.

Laguna North Gallery*

(949) 494-4324

376 N. Coast Highway

Featuring new collections of watercolors and oils by Patti

Cliffton and watercolors by Yuko Blake.

Lu Martin Galleries*

(949) 494-8074

372 N. Coast Highway

Featuring ''Venice Explored,'' a collection of oils by Richard Ho,

as well as landscapes, still lifes and seascapes by Alfredo Gomez.

There is also an exhibit of new works by Ruo Li.

Marion Meyer Contemporary Art*

(949) 497-5442

354 N. Coast Highway

Featuring "Surface Paintings" by Mark Erickson and a collection of

work by Paula Schoen titled "Transitions."

Peter Blake Gallery*

(949) 376-9994

326 N. Coast Highway pblake.html

The Peter Blake Gallery, on North Laguna's historic Gallery Row

has been the definitive source for modern and contemporary art since

opening in 1992. The gallery is featuring a collection of new

paintings by Geoffrey Krueger, Tom Leaver and Suong Yangchareon.

Quorum Art Gallery*

(949) 494-4422

374 N. Coast Highway

Gail Stahl will be the visiting artist this month. The Quorum

Gallery consists of 12 permanent artists and a guest artist rotating

every two months.

Sandstone Gallery*

(949) 497-6775

384A N. Coast Highway

Featuring a collection of oils titled, "Landscapes Near and Far"

by Beverly Kadlec and "Asian Culture" by Mia Moore.

Studio 7 Gallery*

(949) 497-1080

384B N. Coast Highway

Featuring painting demonstrations by artists Eagle, Wodark,

Wiederman and Anderson.

Whitney Gallery*

(949) 497-4322

350 N. Coast Highway

The Whitney Gallery exhibits works of contemporary realism. The

gallery features oils, watercolors and sculptures by exceptional

artists most of whom are alumni from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine

Art. Represented artists include, Marc Whitney, Giovanni Casadei and

Felipe Castaneda.

Vincent Farrell Gallery

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