Steven Dicterow: Running on his record

October 18, 2002

Incumbent City Council candidate Steven Dicterow was a virtual

unknown outside of North Laguna, where he lives with his wife,

Catrina, and daughter, Taryn, when he first ran for City Council

eight years ago.

Now he has a track record, to which he points with pride.

"Since I have been in office, crime is down 50 percent, the fire

department is stronger than ever and we have put more money into the


infrastructure than in the previous 20 years," said Dicterow, who has

twice served as mayor.

"I love being on the City Council," he said. "It has been one of

the highlights of my life."

Dicterow, a proponent of private property rights and public

safety, attributes his love affair with politics to John F. Kennedy's

stirring inaugural address in 1961.

"School was closed due to snow," Dicterow said. "I saw JFK's

address. It so impressed me that it stayed with me. I have always had

a passion to be involved."

Dicterow, an attorney and sports management consultant, signed the

city's voluntary campaign spending limit of $30,000 and expects to

spend less than $10,000. As of Oct. 3, he had raised $850 in cash

contributions and loaned himself $700.

He was endorsed by Laguna Beach Taxpayers Assn.


1. With the proposed construction of more than 1,000 parking

spaces three blocks from the Village Entrance to Third Street, what

can the city do to alleviate traffic problems in the area?

The primary solution to the traffic problems for the Downtown area

is to have peripheral parking in our outlying areas with a free and

frequent tram service to the Downtown area. Additionally, the parking

in the Downtown area should primarily be restricted to those who have

Laguna Beach parking stickers. In this way, the vast majority who

come to visit the city will be parking well outside the Downtown

area, and will not be coming into the Downtown area to search for

parking. As a result, traffic problems in the Downtown areas and on

Coast Highway and Broadway should be relieved.

2. How do you feel about putting public funds into private

organizations, like the community clinic and senior center, vs. using

the money for infrastructure, particularly the sewer system?

Our budget is currently in fantastic shape, but public safety must

always take the highest priority in the use of funds. It should be

noted that there are no plans for the city to put any money into the

Senior Center. Instead the Senior Center will be funded entirely by

the seniors. With respect to the Community Clinic, if budgetary

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