Anti-Baglin committee is underway

October 01, 2004

Barbara Diamond

A committee has been formed to defeat the re-election of incumbent

Councilman Wayne Baglin.

"We feel Wayne Baglin has proven to be the wrong sort of leader

for Laguna Beach and he needs to be unseated," said James Whalen,

chair of "Laguna Beach Citizens For Good, Honest Government and

Civility in Local Politics and Therefore Against Wayne Baglin."


Formation of the committee was mailed Sept. 22 to the Secretary of

State Political Reform Division and reached the City Clerk's office


Whalen and committee Treasurer Stuart Jeffries, both registered

voters in Laguna Beach, are associated with Arbitech at 920

Glenneryre St, across from Baglin's real estate office.

"It is my understanding that the company is the subject of

possible code enforcement action, but I recused myself from council

closed session discussions because of the proximity of the company to

my office," Baglin said.

City Manager Ken Frank said the city has no code violation action

taking place against Arbitech at this time.

Assistant committee treasurer Cary Davidson is listed on the

letterhead of the Los Angeles law firm, Reed and Davidson LLP, which

mailed the required California Form 410, Statement of Organization as

a Primarily Formed Committee. Primarily formed committees can support

or oppose specific candidates or measures in a single election.

Committees have been formed in the past against former Mayor Ann

Christoph and Planning Commission Chair Norm Grossman.

The committee to defeat Baglin was not "qualified" when the 410

was filed.

In order to qualify, a committee must have raised or spent $1,000.

However, a committee can file with the state before it qualifies in

order to get an identification number and re-file after


Turnouts were good for two fundraisers Sunday.

Mayor Cheryl Kinsman was the guest of honor at the home of Steve

Kawaratani and Catharine Cooper.

"I support Cheryl because of all the candidates, she most supports

infrastructure emergency services," said Kawaratani, who also hosted

a fundraiser for neighbor Baglin.

She said when she ran the first time, the major issues were a

commercial airport at El Toro and the decision of the Festival of

Arts Board of Directors to move to San Clemente.

"We stopped the airport," said Kinsman, who represented the city

on the El Toro Reuse Authority and fought every attempt to reduce the

city's participation.

She also extolled the 40-year lease the city has with the festival

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