Always there when needed

January 14, 2005

It's not always obvious what Laguna's emergency workers are doing

each day.

In a town that's typically peaceful, it may seem they have been

lucky in their job location -- though dealing with the crowds of

tourists and bar-hoppers doesn't sound too attractive.

But it's times like the past week or so that really make us

understand what it must take to become a firefighter or police


officer. The sirens seemed nonstop during the rainy days and

accidents, tree hazards and flooding were just some of what they had

to attend to.

Many of us almost take it for granted that there are people who

are employed to take care of us on our worst day, and at times, to

save our lives.

Thank goodness and good training that when times are tough these

men and women are ready to do whatever is needed to help the rest of

us make it through OK.

Here's to clear skies and a well-deserved breather for our

uniformed angels. And here's to knowing that the next time we need

them, they'll be there -- they wouldn't have it any other way.

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