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Newcomers join veterans

200 artists participate in Sawdust Art Festival, celebrating its 41st anniversary.

June 29, 2007|By Candice Baker

One deck on the booth wall featured a sunflower, which is a tribute to his early days, Kershnar said. He began drawing that exact sunflower every day in eighth grade.

The classic "starving artist" does his best to make ends meet each month; on those where he ends up a little short, he said he sells his decks at local skate parks.

Kershnar is currently trying to have the Sawdust allow him to sell his custom skateboard decks at the festival, whose artists sell original artwork.


The decks are decorated using a heat-transfer technique, but Kershnar compared them to prints or giclees, which are sold at many booths during the festival.

"This is who I am," he said, gesturing around at the decks. "This is why I'm in Juxtapoz."

Tiner and Kershnar's work joins the festival's countless examples of painting, jewelry, art glass, sculpture, textile and drawing.

One of the festival's most popular aspects is its constant and varied music lineup, with genres from Zydeco to acoustic rock.

Other features include an "Up Close and Personal" theme and related booth featuring portraits of the artists; "Walk About Wednesdays," featuring docent-led tours and artist demonstrations; the "Sawdust Scholars" booth, featuring the works of high school students who have been paired up with Sawdust mentors; and Project Skimboard 3, which is now a joint venture with the Festival of Arts.

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