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Briefly In Public Safety

January 01, 2010

The victim alleged that he was physically assaulted by one suspect, and then robbed of cash and personal items while a second suspect held his arms behind him. The victim came to the police department Dec. 23 to report the incident. The loss was $30 in cash, a skateboard, a backpack and a pair of shoes for a total loss of about $260.

Man held in alleged credit card spree

A 52-year-old Irvine man was arrested on multiple suspicions after officers were called to the Casa Del Camino at 1:50 p.m. Saturday for a report of credit card fraud, Kravetz said. When police arrived, a couple who had lost a purse at Brooks Street beach Christmas Day was in the lobby.

Officers located the suspect, Ronald Eric Ronneburger, at the hotel. Ronneburger had allegedly checked into the hotel using a credit card from the purse. He then had drinks at the hotel and also at the Sandpiper, charging everything on cards from the purse. The charges at the hotel were $200, and $110 was charged at the Sandpiper.


Ronneburger was arrested on suspicion of burglary, theft, identity theft and misappropriation of lost property.

He also had a warrant out for his arrest for $15,000. The warrant was for theft.

Homeless woman jailed on warrants

A 51-year-old homeless woman was taken to Orange County Jail after being arrested on warrants, Kravetz said.

Officers had stopped Anne Worth for a pedestrian crossing violation at 2:06 a.m. Sunday at Broadway and North Coast Highway. They ran a records check on her and came across four misdemeanor warrants for her arrest, Kravetz said.

The warrants were for Laguna Beach Municipal Code violations: drinking alcohol in public ($5,000); two counts of contempt of court ($30,000); and trespassing ($15,000).

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