Campaign kickoff fills tavern

City Councilman's supporters come to Marine Room wishing Boyd the best in his reelection bid.

May 28, 2010|By Barbara Diamond

Kelly Boyd supporters jammed the Marine Room on Monday to kick off the tavern owner's City Council reelection campaign.

The crowd included representatives of business, the art community, nonprofit organizations and elected city officials, past and present, including former Mayors Wayne Peterson, Cheryl Kinsman and Paul Freeman.

"Kelly is probably the most popular member of the council, illustrated by the admixture of people here tonight," Freeman said.

A number of Realtors were in the crowd, but board President Bob Hartman spoke only for himself when he said, "He supports Realtors. I support him."


Attorney Tim Carlyle described Boyd as a man of his word, a straight-shooter who deserves to be re-elected.

"Tonight is not about me," Boyd said. "It's about you and where you want the city to go. I want to hear from you."

He warned that he might not always agree, but said he would always listen.

"What you see is what you get with Kelly," said social activist Sande St. John. "You always know where you stand."

Boyd's stand against the proposed five-year ban on fishing in Laguna waters is well-known — "Sorry, Elizabeth," he said to incumbent council candidate Elizabeth Pearson, who supports the ban.

He vehemently opposes a marine reserve the full length of the city coastline, which has earned him the support of former Marine Safety Chief Mark Klosterman.

"I think Kelly is right about the marine reserve," Klosterman said. "But he also understands the demands of marine safety, and he supports the lifeguard headquarters project. That's why I am here — I am a Boyd supporter."

Boyd said of all that was accomplished in his second term — he first held office in the 1970s — he is proudest of how the city has handled the homeless issues.

"He met the legal requirements and addressed the issues with sensitivity," Carlyle said. "We are fortunate to have someone like Kelly on the council. It is not an easy job. It is a job with tremendous responsibility."

The native-born Boyd brings to the council his business experience and his family history — he is a fourth-generation Lagunan, with a street, a trailer park and school named for his Thurston forebears.

"His heritage shows in his love for the community," Carlyle said.

Looking forward, Boyd said if reelected his next big push will be for view preservation.

He also has set his sights on parking — it was an issue when he was in office in the '70s and it has only gotten worse.

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