Hospital provides vital service


July 16, 2010

Many of us in town are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Mission Hospital. Most of what we read concerns the hospital as a neighbor, specifically noise problems. Last week the Coastline had a letter focused on the religious orientation of the hospital's ownership ("Will faith override health directives?", July 9).

Have we lost track of the purpose of Mission Hospital? I've visited patients in the hospital since it was built in the late '50s. Sadly, I recently visited as an emergency patient with a life-threatening condition. Within 20 minutes I was in the emergency room, stabilized, x-rayed and diagnosed. A surgeon on call was with me in another 15 minutes, and he performed a life-saving procedure. Mission admitted me to the intensive care unit quickly and seamlessly. I had excellent care by true professionals for my three-day stay. And the only suggestion of religion was a delightful Episcopal priest who visited me and offered uplifting thoughts.


Nothing wrong with focusing on non-medical topics, but don't let anyone forget that we could have lost this valuable resource in our community; that the hospital is still here is cause for celebration. Many people (including me) owe their lives to the superb team at Mission.


Laguna Beach

City is not a skateboard park

Did the photograph on the front page of the Coastline Pilot July 9 come from central casting?

It does not in anyway depict the reality of skateboarding on Morningside Drive and Bluebird Canyon Drive. On Morningside and Bluebird, skateboarders do not wear helmets and protective gear. They do not come down the hills in a group, but spaced out in single file. So you do not know when the next one will go whizzing by you on our streets that have no sidewalks.

They are not polite and respectful of the residents and their property. Riding up the hills in cars or hanging onto the rear of a vehicle while being towed up the street, yelling and giving you the finger, is not what I think of as respect.

The primary issue here is safety. Trying to ease out of a driveway on a blind curve, walking one's pet in the street, again we have no sidewalks, is a challenge. Why should we have to live in fear of injuring or killing a skateboarder or being run into while walking. Is this really the culture of Laguna Beach?

As of now the skateboarders have backed off and are apparently waiting for a decision by the city.

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