Dog Blog: Milo the wonder dog survives a crisis

August 05, 2010|By Pegi Lopez
  • Milo, for dog blog Laguna.
Milo, for dog blog Laguna. (Coastline Pilot )

Jennifer, a native Coloradoan who lived in a condo, was partial to larger dogs and had longed for a pooch of her own for some time but didn't think it fair to have a dog prone to playing hard when she only had space for maybe a hamster. She bought a house, but a house without a dog was lonely, an all-too-quite place to be. It was just a house. To make it a home she had to have that special doggy.

She went on the hunt and adopted Milo, a black Labrador retriever of the English variety. He was blacker than black, with a shiny coat (almost reflective) and now stands about 3 feet, 3 inches from paw to the top of his head. He came from a breeder, the Riorock Labs, in southern Colorado in December 2006.

After careful examination she picked Milo out of the whole litter because he was the most curious and a real sweetie. He waited patiently, a very hard thing to do at 6 weeks old especially if you are an energetic Lab pup. While his brothers and sisters climbed all over Jennifer nipping at her and pulling on her shoe strings they finally all got tired and walked off in pursuit of other things, Milo waited and then bounced right up and sat square in the middle of Jennifer's lap! Yep, He's the one!


Milo got his name from Milo Aukerman, the singer-songwriter and biochemist most famously known as the lead singer for the punk rock band the Descendents.

So how did Milo become such a wonder dog? Only a dog that can climb five peaks higher than 14,000 feet in Colorado before he was 3 years old and swim the treacherous lakes in Colorado could be a wonder dog.

After 15 years of living in her home state, in March of this year Jennifer decided she just couldn't pass up a great job opportunity in Orange County. She was offered the job here and moved to our beloved Laguna Beach. Milo, with all of his patience, endured the packing, organizing, the 24-hour drive in the car, a hotel room in Vegas — then all of the unpacking and reorganizing. But at last he found himself in a brand new home — only problem was that somebody took off with the mountains, shrunk the yard and all that was left that was steep to climb was the road home after a walk up 9th Street.

Milo found California an adjustment and a challenge. He is afraid of the waves — he is brave enough to chase after them as they recede and attack all of the kelp left in their wake only to run away from the waves as they crest on the beach.

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