Mailbag: Skateboarding as an outlet and way to grow

August 05, 2010

I am a homeowner on Bluebird Canyon Lane. I was born in South Coast Hospital and grew up in Laguna. Next year my 5-year-old is starting at Top of the World Elementary School, my 11-year-old is starting at Thurston Middle School, and my 14-year-old starts at Laguna Beach High School — home of the fighting Artists (inside joke).

Skateboarding is part of my culture. The young men in this town earn their stripes surfing third reef Rockpile and second reef Brooks Street. They also carve up Skyline Drive and the beautiful hills of Laguna. These kids need those outlets and it's better than some alternatives.


Contrary to one of my fellow homeowners' statements, a halfway decent skateboarder can stop the board on a dime with a power slide.

The lessons learned by falling are valuable. Why take those opportunities away?

I disagreed with the City Council actions of getting the city into the housing business and retroactively reimbursing retirement benefits to the tune of $10 million, but this is really out of hand.

Making skateboarding illegal is a direct assault on the culture of Laguna Beach, an increased expense in enforcement, and I oppose it.

Peter Davidson

Laguna Beach

[briefs_subhead]Kids have a place of their own

This letter is offered in support to a previous, and very well articulated, letter regarding the youth of Laguna and their need for "Their own piece of the territory."

Without a doubt teens will be influenced by what's happening around them. Whether it's barreling down a hillside on a skateboard, hanging out with friends drinking in the park, or something more constructive. They are a product of their environment. And having a place of their own like one the writer described could possibly even help them turn their energies into a positive impact on our community. And the fact is, they do have this place.

The Club Teen Center is located at 1085 Laguna Canyon Road and it exclusively serves kids 13 and older. At the center, they have an independent place to hang out with access to a pool or ping-pong table, a Wii console, computers, games, books, basketball hoop, regular dances, etc., plus the important benefits of peers and mentors all in the same location.

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