Mailbag: He had great vision

August 12, 2010

 Although I never met Don Williamson, he provided our family with a gift that we will cherish the rest of our lives. In 1975 I acquired the Pearl Street house, an architectural masterpiece, from Mark Engelman, late of Laguna Beach. Williamson designed this home for Engelman in 1958.

It is a hyperbolic parabaloid, similar to the structure at the Festival grounds but made of wood instead of concrete. The soaring roof, open space, and absence of supporting walls has been a source of awe and wonder for all who have visited. The lot upon which it rests was selected for Engelman by Fred Lang (park named for him) also late of Laguna Beach and an internationally known landscape architect and conservationist. This wondrous home has been a source of peace, comfort, and serenity for me, my wife, and daughters. We will ever be grateful for his vision. RIP Don Williamson.


David Law

Laguna Beach


Neighbor concerns were taken into account

I wanted to take the opportunity to respond to your story from Aug 5, [["Resident: 'Green' can't trump views"] which I feel mischaracterizes one of our solar projects on Caribbean Way.

By introduction, SolarCity is the largest solar power installer in Orange County, with 40+ employees based in its Santa Ana office. We are also the largest residential solar installer in the United States, with 700 employees in five states, and more than 8,000 customers. Our Orange County office has completed or undertaken more than 500 projects since 2007, and more than 40 in the communities surrounding Laguna Beach.

The article mischaracterizes the approval process for solar projects in Laguna Beach. The city does have the opportunity to review and approve all solar projects. The city reviewed and approved the plans for the project on Caribbean Way before it was built, and also inspected the completed installation and approved it a second time.

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