John Campbell

August 20, 2010

Name: John Campbell

Age: 55

Birth place: Los Angeles

How long have you lived in the 48th district? My wife, Catherine, and I have lived in Irvine for more than 31 years. We have two grown sons, both graduates of Irvine public schools and USC.

Occupation: U.S. representative, 48th District, certified public accountant and small business owner

Education: bachelor's dgree in economics from UCLA (1976); master's of business taxation from USC (1977)

Previously elected or appointed positions: I am honored to have been elected to the California state Assembly, California state Senate and United States House of Representatives to represent our area.

Community organizations you belong to: Laguna Canyon Foundation, Friends of Miocean, Irvine Public Schools Foundation, USC Leventhal School of Accounting Board of Advisors, Crime Survivors Advisory Board, YMCA of Orange County President’s Advisory Council (Partial List)

What is the most critical issue now in the 48th Congressional District? No matter where you live, the most critical issue facing this nation is the economy. When the federal government racks up enormous debt, the economy is negatively affected: We see storefronts close, jobs disappear and homes go into foreclosure.


How would you resolve that issue? Stop the spending and borrowing and reverse the direction of this nation’s debt and deficit. The solution is to reduce spending in every area of government, including the Department of Defense, and to reform our entitlement programs so that they are permanently solvent. If we do not stop the spending spree in Washington, this debt load will crush us all. This is why getting spending under control and our economy growing again is my highest priority. We need to create permanent jobs in this country through infrastructure and tax policies that will foster an environment for private sector investment and job growth.  Government policies should reward, not punish, private sector growth and entrepreneurship. Americans can create, invent and accomplish incredible things, given that they have the freedom, capital and opportunity to work. 
Why should voters in Laguna Beach support you? The economy is this community’s greatest threat and opportunity; this is where my education, experience and background lie.

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