Dog Blog: A Westie with a pacemaker

September 02, 2010|By Pegi Lopez
  • Tucker the Westie.
Tucker the Westie. (Coastline Pilot )

Mary Lou Mooney is a true dog lover — literally from the heart.

Mary Lou's previous Westie, Murphy, was tragically hit and killed by a car at age 3 when they lived in Massachusetts. In Murphy's short life she won Mom's heart and Mary Lou knew that she would always have a Westie in her life. After the grieving period for Murphy, she was ready to welcome another Westie into her life, and answered an ad in the Boston Globe for Westie puppies from a family that had the mother and father as their family pets.

When replacing a loved one it does run through your mind: "I loved [in this case Murphy] so much, how can I feel the same love for another?" Believe me, you can — so for those of you who have lost take the chance to love again.

Enter Tucker — another West Highland Terrier (Westie).


Tucker is all but tuckered out — although that is how she got her name. When first adopted in her eighth week of life and becoming part of Mary Lou Mooney's family, she tipped the scales at 3.5 pounds and was a ball of energy.

Mary Lou had been struggling with a name and relied on some of her friend's feedback. Upon Tucker's homecoming all of the neighbors came to ooh and coo her.

"Lucy" was the first consideration but Mary Lou's best friend poo poo'd the name — possibly because she may have secretly reserved the name for her next pet.

When Mary Lou first brought Tucker home she displayed classic puppy traits play — play, play and then sleep, sleep, and sleep. Invariably, when her friends would drop by to meet the new family member, Tucker would have just finished one of her frantic play sessions and be "conked out." More than one friend commented, "Oh, she is all tuckered out," hence the name Tucker.

Tucker is 16 years old and this ol' gal is also a three-time winner, two first places and one runner-up trophy at the Laguna Beach Pet Parade.

Part of her winning personality is enjoying being adorned with all the costumes and fashion accessories that mom comes up with—but please nothing on the paws! Her costumes have included a Mini Cooper complete with vanity plate, Las Vegas show dog and the best costume in 2008 — a scuba diver swimming in a school of dog fish (picture that).

Tucker is the quintessential ambassador of goodwill, she loves to meet and greet other people and dogs.

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