Chasing Down The Muse: After summer, an itch to travel

September 02, 2010|By Cherril Doty

"Wherever you go, there you are."

—Zen saying


I'm feeling the call of nature. No, no, not that way, but in myriad other forms, nature is calling to me — LOUDLY! I need to answer, chase it down, follow my muse there, wherever "there" is.

I had packed the remains of summer's Sawdust Art Festival booth into my car and headed straight for Trader Joe's to replenish the bare cupboards at home. It was a gorgeous autumn-feeling day, and I had the car windows down with the breezes blowing around me.


Just as I approached Main Beach on Coast Highway a whiff of fresh sea air reached my nose and my brain simultaneously. And in that same moment wanderlust struck. It was almost all I could do not to head out of town in that very moment to parts unknown.

Of course that would have been foolish. A car full of art and some hastily chosen groceries consisting largely of brown rice and veggies just wasn't the best way to do this. Sanity took over. I kept on with my too-long-neglected chores. Still, the call continued.

Car unpacked; groceries and art put away; house straightened — the wind chimes just off the deck sang out a song of wandering as the gusty breezes blew through the canyon trees. It was great to be home in the daytime, yet that still was just not quite enough. Something was itching to meander further afield. Itches need to be scratched.

As I kept on with my work I thought back over the summer that wasn't a summer in so many ways. Could the fact that summer weather struggled so to get here be a factor in this wanderlust I was feeling? Perhaps, though the lovely coolness of the summer seemed to contribute to the successes of the festival season. And I had thoroughly enjoyed where I was.

As always, the festival season was filled with surprises, joys and only a few disappointments, along with the renewed and strengthened friendships and learning that just goes along with living a full life. Surely, nothing wrong with any of that.

The Collectors' Panel Fundraiser that I was so involved with and have spoken of often in these pages was a resounding success, earning a surprising amount for the Art Education Fund of the Sawdust. Much knowledge was gleaned and the committee on which I served hopes to continue further successes with such ventures in the future. Once again our great community of artists stepped forward and the larger community did as well to support this effort. All good here.

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