Iseman starts re-election campaign

September 23, 2010|By Barbara Diamond,

An ebullient crowd of supporters of the reelection of Mayor Pro Tem Toni Iseman gathered Thursday on Ocean Avenue to make donations and to cheer on the incumbent.

Iseman is endorsed by her fellow incumbents Mayor Elizabeth Pearson and Kelly Boyd, who attended the kick-off bash, as did Councilwoman Jane Egly, with her husband, retired Judge Paul Egly.

"I have been on the council for 12 years and this is the best one I have served on," Iseman said. "No deals are made. What you see when you watch us is what you get."


That is not to say there isn't some horsetrading — it's called compromise — or that they always agree. Certainly, Boyd is opposed to the proposed ban on fishing from Laguna's shore, which Iseman and Pearson both supported. However, despite some head-knocking over that issue, Iseman and Boyd stood shoulder-to-shoulder working toward a solution to the problems of Laguna's homeless population. Iseman and Pearson ushered in an era of civility when they reached a compromise on the location of the city's maintenance yard.

"What other town has such a collegial group that has found a formula that is effective despite some disagreements they might have?" said clinical psychologist and former university teacher Marion Jacobs.

Thursday's fundraiser was hosted by Ocean Avenue art gallery owner Peter Blake. Donations, a minmum of $65 for a badge, were taken by Pamela Murphy, Eileen Algaze and Stephanie Lloyd at Anastasia's across the street, where wine was served. Richard Picheney and Lisa Conn also helped.

Iseman expressed her appreciation for the donations.

"They will be well spent," she said.

Her campaign expenses include salmon pink garden signs that Iseman joked were door prizes. The signs began sprouting the next day in front yards around town, including Cindy Obrand's.

"Toni really cares about the city — a vibrant downtown, but quiet neighborhoods where you can see the moonlight and stars," Obrand said.

Iseman crisscrossed the street, greeting donors. She spoke briefly to the crowd, making sure the equipment that amplified her voice was inside the gallery and not on the street—and of course without notes.

"Our town is so frugal, in these economic times, we are OK," Iseman said.

She lauded Ken Frank for his management of city finances and the council for putting aside money for a rainy day, which the city will be able to weather due to prudent spending and saving.

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