Our Laguna: 'Lagunatics' pulls out all the stops

November 04, 2010|By Barbara Diamond
  • Kelly Boyd, Barbara Diamond and Elizabeth Pearson with Barbara's birthday cake.
Kelly Boyd, Barbara Diamond and Elizabeth Pearson with… (Coastline Pilot )

"Lagunatics" ended its 2010 run Saturday, too bad for any folks who missed it.

In the opinion of most of the audience and more than a few of the cast members it was the best "Lagunatics" ever.

How funny was it?

My computer died Saturday morning with five years of stories lost, but I laughed so hard that night at the antics on Forum Theatre stage, I ached.

Pat Kollenda's star turn as a nun, directing a chorus singing Ha! Laguna, instead of Hallelujah was sidesplitting and tailor-made for her brand of ham.

As a writer, I am in awe of the talents of Bree Burgess Rosen and Chris Quilter, who come up with the most delicious lyrics year-after-year, plugged into absolutely perfect music. I mean, what kind of geniuses comes up an opening number, "Hilarious," set to "The Dawning of Aquarius"?


"The Franking Rhapsody," a parody of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" was a tribute to retiring City Manager Ken Frank, who was in the audience with his wife, Nancy.

It was the piece de resistance of the show in which the entire cast participated and it got a standing ovation, as did Frank.

"I am so fond of Ken so I am pleased we did a bang-up job," Quilter said.

Frank admitted he had not known who Queen was prior to the show.

"But I do now," Frank said.

One has to wonder what Randy Hatfield will do with that gold lame jacket he has worn for years in the show's annual roast of Frank.

And where will the authors find a target as worthy of their talents?

In Quilter's words in the program:

"Our shy and now retiring city manager, Ken Frank, has thrown in the towel after a scant three decades on the job. We fully intended to gnash our teeth and rend garments, but we lack dental insurance and a decent costume budget. So we will keen instead."

Jokes aside, No Square Theatre is always in search of funding.

"We are growing like crazy," Burgess Rosen said, before the live auction of a role in "Lagunatics" and a week in "The Retreat in Laguna."

A silent auction also raised badly needed funds.

"But nothing puts the 'not' in not-for-profit quite like theater," Burges Rosen said.

The acquisition of the Veterans Memorial Building on Legion Street has allowed No Square to do all the things it thought it would do, "if only." Rehearsals for the February concert, "Radio WHIK 2," was held at Legion Hall. No Square Singers held open mic nights there, rehearsed and performed "Lagunatots" and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and rehearsed the 2010 "Lagunatics" in the building they share with Laguna's veterans.

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