Mailbag: Our taxes, fees go to important causes

October 27, 2011

(Re. Dave Connell's letter "Mailbag: Pay attention to property tax bill," Oct. 21): I know your political party affiliation expects you to make such comments, but do they explain to you how our taxes/fees pay for more than salaries and pensions?

I agree some salaries/pensions are very excessive, which has been shown even in our very own city. But I have yet to hear GE, IBM, other corporate giants, or any multi-billionaire traders on Wall Street raise their hand and say, "I will pay for a new bridge, upgrade our freeways, build new schools and make sure we have enough teachers and supplies, or ensure national safety at airports and train stations."

Nor have they offered to pay for our soldiers who are overseas or are returning to find their homes foreclosed on or without a job. In fact, I have not heard one peep from them except to goad you and others on about excessive government. (By the way, did you know that Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has six offices in his home state and one in London? Talk about excessive government.)


Oh yes, how about Social Security and Medicare, of which I am sure you personally benefit from or perhaps have family and friends who do. What these corporate guys actually want is to pay even less taxes and not help to create job opportunities.

I for one am happy to pay my paltry sum in taxes, which when weighed against the things that make my life in America what it is, seem minimal. Perhaps that is why this country is having some financial problems — certain people don't want to pay for anything.

I think that you and your cronies have this notion of entitlement — not the poor and soon-to-disappear middle class.

Ganka Brown

Laguna Beach


A big thank you to Pat Bates

Some of us who have worked with those taking advantage of our Alternative Sleeping Location have provided transportation to places that provide access to social services. We have found it takes most of a day to help a person apply for food stamps.

We went to our Fifth District County Supervisor, Pat Bates, to see if she could help. She was gracious in receiving us and promised to see what she could do.

Within weeks, a representative from county services was helping clients get the services they were entitled to on the site of our ASL. And they will continue to assist in the future. Bates deserves thanks from the caring people of Laguna Beach.

Vera Martinez

Daga Krackowizer

Jean Raun

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