Laguna Niguel City Council Meeting Wrap-Up

November 03, 2011

The following is from Tuesday's Laguna Niguel City Council meeting.


Resident survey approved

The City Council discussed the Resident Satisfaction Survey, which is set to begin in the next couple weeks and will be conducted by True North Research Inc., City Manager Tim Casey said.

The council agreed to not include questions regarding about the new City Hall building because they believe the responses would not be useful.


The city has conducted the survey every two years since 2005. There are a number of questions asked every time in order to track responses, but special topics are added as well, according to Casey.

Mayor Pro Tem Paul Glaab recommended the survey continue to ask questions regarding cell phones, coverage and providers and cited the recent blackouts as a time when many residents complained of poor service.

Casey said the responses will help determine where coverage may be weak for residents, and the city can use the information to approach providers and see if there are opportunities for placement sites or antennas.

Laguna Niguel currently has a process that allows providers to come in and lease easily if they incorporate their antenna into a street light fixture. The program generates about $250,000 in revenue for the city each year, Casey said.

Public safety is always a matter of importance in the questionnaire. This time it will also ask residents how prepared they are for an emergency. The survey will ask if they have a 72-hour supply of food, water and necessary medication, along with batteries, flashlights and other emergency items.

"Gives us a chance to see how prepared they are, and if they answer 'no' to these questions then you might want to go out and make sure you are prepared," Casey said.

Another question will address a recent topic of conversation in the council chambers: the old courthouse site.

Residents will be asked if they favor multiple uses of the land, such as restaurants, retail stores and housing.

Casey said the results could possibly guide staff in the reuse of the property.


Lindholm mentions Camino Capistrano

Councilwoman Linda Lindholm brought up Camino Capistrano, an area she finds concerning due to the fact that semitrucks and trailers park there illegally and leave debris.

"I have a new game with son, and I'm counting the number of discarded semitruck tires," she said. "It's getting kind of trashy down there."

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