Mailbag: Mozambique parking situation not very fair

November 03, 2011

Recently, I stopped by Mozambique to check out the stage and sound system because our band, Close Enough, has been invited to play there from 5 to 7 p.m. Nov. 11 for the early bird session.

Having been a past resident of Laguna Beach (living at Bluebird and Summit), I know very well to look for parking signage, which I did. Seeing none, I parked at the corner of Bluebird and Glenneyre. I parked on the east side of Glenneyre facing north and was the first vehicle on the corner.

As I walked to the restaurant, I once again scanned the street for parking signage and seeing none I felt good about my parking choice (a full block away). Upon entering the once known "Tortilla Flats," I stopped and spoke with an old associate I hadn't seen in several years as they were on their way out. I was very impressed with Mozambique's staff and stage/sound system. I enjoyed watching the patrons dancing, and the band was good so I stayed until 10 p.m.


When I got back to my truck, I noticed a ticket on it and was disheartened that I would get one when parking a block away. I, for the third time, looked for parking signage and still did not see any! I thought to myself, "This is a fine way to drive away business."

Fortunately for me the ticket was only a "warning" ticket. Permits are only for Laguna Beach residents. Wow, what if I worked at Mozambique? Do I have to take up valuable space in the valet parking? Do the Marine Room and other Laguna night spots have the same parking issues?

Not very fair or friendly, Laguna Beach!

Mark Leland Pryor

Mission Viejo


More support for save the trees movement

"I know that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree."

—Joyce Kilmer

Re. "Council backs tree cutting," Oct. 21, about the removal of five eucalyptus trees in Bluebird Canyon:

On Oct. 18, I watched the City Council. Someone in the neighborhood stated, "I didn't call Edison! The trees are a fire hazard."

The agenda item was eucalyptus trees in half of the 1400 block of Bluebird Canyon. Seems as if the resident in question has an agenda to rid "her" block of anything that would block "her" view.

Other residents spoke in favor of keeping the trees and the city would trim them every three years. They could be laced so strong winds would not knock off branches.

Residents spoke of arborists. Were there any who were consulted?

I am visiting my brother and have heard much of the controversy from neighbors and family. I believe the "save the trees" group had more support than the "tree cutters."

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