City Council Meeting Wrap-Up

November 10, 2011

The following is from the Nov. 1 City Council meeting. All council members were present.


Terrace Way parking restrictions approved, 4-0

Parking restrictions proposed by Terrace Way residents to improve emergency vehicle accessibility were approved.

The City Council approved a proposal by residents to restrict parking at "choke points" on Terrace Way, which includes an estimated 14 spaces compared with the 67 spaces that would have been eliminated under the Parking, Traffic and Circulation Committee's recommendations, supported by city staff.


"The neighborhood plan is not ideal for safety standards, but it is better that the current situation," said Steve May, public works director.

Terrace Way resident Donna Moore said the neighborhood is concerned about safety, but asked the council to give the residents' recommendation a try.

"If that doesn't work, take additional steps," Moore said.

Staff recommended eliminating all parking on the southeastern side of the street, which would leave a clear driving path of 16 feet — still less than the 20-foot minimum in the city's fire code.

Councilman Kelly Boyd was required to recuse himself because he lives within 500 feet of the area.


Renter notification of proposed projects, 4-1

The council gave preliminary approval to a proposal to require notification of renters within 100 feet of a proposed project, in spite of the Planning Commission's 3-2 vote against the change.

"It just adds another layer of bureaucracy and makes projects cost more," said resident Tom Slattery.

Mayor Toni Iseman voted no because she wants renters within 300 feet of projects to be notified.

The change in the notification requires amendments to the city's zoning code and Local Coastal Plan.

A second reading of the amendments will be held before adoption.


Planning Commission to review preservation incentives, 5-0

The council directed the Planning Commission to analyze and make recommendations on preservation incentives for 50-plus cottages and homes of less than 1,200 square feet on lots no larger than 5,000 square feet.

Criteria also includes structural additions of no more than 50% to the original building, no plumbing for a kitchen or bathroom in the garage and compliance with the provisions of the Historical Inventory, if the cottage is listed.

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