From Canyon To Cove: How to 'food' in Laguna

March 15, 2012|By Cindy Frazier
  • La Rue du Chocolat is one of the stops on the Chocolate Walk as part of Laguna Beach Foodies' food tours
La Rue du Chocolat is one of the stops on the Chocolate Walk… (Coastline Pilot )

To many of us, food may be, well, food, but there are a lot of serious foodies in Laguna Beach for whom food is a passion and a cause célèbre, and even a way of life.

However, do not dare confuse Laguna Foodies with the Laguna Beach Food Group.

[An earlier version of this story referred to one of the groups as Laguna Beach Foodies. The actual name is Laguna Foodies.]

The Food Group is an offshoot of Transition Laguna Beach, and its mission is to promote locally grown produce and to help people build "victory gardens" in their backyards. It also partners with some local restaurants for common dining experiences to teach its principles.

In other words, if you want to change your "footprint on the planet" — and that includes using as little energy and waste as possible — then the TLB Food Group is for you. But its fare might not be for every taste, unless you are a kale lover.


If, however, you want to enjoy dining perks and "food walks" at some 180 of the city's sumptuous eateries — and know that you are contributing to the pantries of hungry families — then by all means check out Laguna Foodies at

The Foodies group was founded in 2008 and just launched a new Food Tour program. For $35 to $85, diners can get an expert-guided tour — and tastes — of some of the major and even minor players in the food business in Laguna Beach. (They even promise some "secret" locations!)

The month of March features a Chocolate Walk and a Sushi Stroll. The tours take three to four hours, during which intrepid diners visit a multitude of spots to satiate their appetites. And then apparently walk off the calories. That's a win-win.

Chocolate Walks take place at 6:30 p.m. every Thursday and include some sweet spots. The $45 cost includes samples at some 10 confectioneries.

Sushi Strolls are held at 4 p.m. Sundays, beginning at the Lifeguard Tower at Main Beach, and the stroll takes in six sushi purveyors, and includes sake and beer pairings for $65.

Attendees should meet 15 minutes before take-off time.

It does sound like fun, although good walking shoes are obviously a must.

Spokeswoman Sarah Edwards says she came up with the Food Tour concept as a free sampling promotion project for the restaurants, but that just didn't fly in Laguna. Restaurants are hurting right now and were not signing on to a program to give away food. But once they got paying customers involved, they dove right in.

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