Mailbag: Efforts to cut down on underage drinking out of touch with current generation

June 21, 2012

The Laguna Beach City Council is generations out of touch with much of the new Laguna.

Bruce Hopping may be in his early 90s but he is right when he says education in relation to drinking and pot is better than more laws.

The young people who spoke against another Laguna Beach No Law were eloquent, compared to the adults in favor of the ordinance.


Does the City Council really think that many parents hide their drinking and smoking of marijuana from their children? Get real.

Parents don't necessarily let their children drink and smoke but to say both don't happen at adult parties, get-togethers and other times is absurd.

The social host ordinance will simply mean the young people will hide the drinking, tone down parties and avoid at all costs calling Police Chief Paul Workman and his 47 officers for any reason.

Roger Carter

Laguna Beach


Visioning is what the city does best

Last month I attended "Mobility Planning Meeting and Visioning," an open workshop organized by the Laguna Beach Planning Commission to familiarize attendees with the Land Use and Circulation Elements and a new visioning for Complete Streets Policy.

Deja vu, where had I experienced this planning process before? I then remembered meetings I attended previously. Each of these workshops were attended by Laguna residents and by members of City Council to set goals and list actions. Each workshop produced a strategy document to guide execution of goals therein.

2001: The LB Vision Steering Committee: "The 2030 Vision Plan" (Identifying a Shared Vision and 7 themes for Action)

2008: The Climate Change Working group: "The Climate Protection Action Plan" (Visioning and 6 categories for Action including transportation)

2009: Transition Laguna Beach: "Transition Guidelines" (Vision plan Mission Statement and the Mobility Group)

2009: Complete Streets Task Force: "Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan" (Vision Plan, Mission Statement for non-motorized transport)

2012: The New Complete Streets Task Force: Five Hour Potluck meeting, "A Visioning Process"

May 7, 2012: LB Planning Commission: Mobility Planning Meeting and Visioning (Land Use Element, Circulation Element, CS Policy )

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