Mailbag: Community mourns Coastline editor

July 03, 2012

My wife and I were greatly saddened to learn of Cindy Frazier's untimely passing. As we worked together on news items over the years or ran into each other at various events at the museum and elsewhere in town, I developed a great appreciation for Cindy as a talented journalist and a fine human being.

We discovered a surprising number of similar life experiences, having both been raised largely in Connecticut and educated at small liberal arts colleges in the northeast.

As Cindy publicly faced her disease in her column, her courage and resolve in dealing with what she undoubtedly knew to be a grim prognosis were an inspiration to everyone she touched. Steve Jobs' passing in 2011 made it clear that fame and fortune weren't enough to prevail in a battle with pancreatic cancer. Cindy's passing showed that determination and fortitude don't always prevail either.


Cindy was an important part of our local media scene and our community. Her talent, her diligence, her grace and her many contributions to a city that she plainly cherished will be remembered and missed by us all.

Matt Lawson

Laguna Beach


Editor's struggle a 'monument to DimeStories'

An excited buzz came to DimeStories in the fall of 2011. Cindy Frazier was coming and she was actually reading! Cindy had been the city editor of the Coastline Pilot for six years and was one of the most influential journalistic voices in Laguna Beach as well as a published creative writer.

As I approached Salt Fine Art where the readings took place, I glimpsed a slight, bowed figure sitting in her car. Could this be the legendary local wordsmith? She joined the group 15 minutes later, silently slumping into a chair. Cindy read that day, softly and elegantly and wrote a column dedicated to DimeStories. How proud I was to see my story about the tribal man who wore only a vegetable praised in print.

Cindy continued to be a regular reader and won the contest for best essay read the month of March. This meant she would be performing at the celebrated Los Angeles Festival of Books held at USC in April. Her health was failing rapidly from pancreatic cancer by then and I prayed she'd be able to perform at the event.

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