Two is better than one for Stinnett

Laguna Beach resident Sam Stinnett repeats as Professional Men's Division champion at World Championships of Skimboarding.

July 12, 2012|By Mike Sciacca
  • Eventual winner Sam Stinnett alley-oops an inside peak as he competes in the 36th annual Victoria Skimboards World Championships of Skimboarding at Aliso Beach on Saturday.
Eventual winner Sam Stinnett alley-oops an inside peak… (DON LEACH, Coastline…)

Sam Stinnett did it again.

The Laguna Beach resident came away with the title of Professional Men's Division champion Sunday at the 2012 Victoria Skimboards World Championships of Skimboarding at Aliso Beach in Laguna Beach.

Stinnett, who won the Professional Men's title last year, fended off several challenges to repeat as champion. The winner of the Professional Women's Division was Keiao Gucwa-Bucasas of Hawaii.

The competition was held in 2- to- 3-foot surf, with an occasional 4-foot swell.

The Championships drew local, national and international competitors to Aliso Beach. The competition started Saturday and was seen on a live webcast.

"It was amazing to see the local support for the riders of all ages on the beach, and the international support pour in over the Internet for the professional skimboarders, both male and female alike," said Trigg Garner, general manager of Victoria Skimboards. "What started out as a locals event with about 100 people has now blossomed into the biggest global event in skimboarding."



Division standings

Professional Men's: 1. Sam Stinnett; 2. Morgan Just; 3. Blair Conklin; 4. Brandon Sears; 5. Bill Bryan; 6. Teddy Vlasis; 7. Paulo Prietto; 8. Tim Fulton; 9. Travis Sampson; 10. Perry Pruit; 11. Austin Keen; 12. Nathan Zoller; 13. Jake Stinnett; 14. David Sterman; 15. Matthieu Thibaud; 16. Brad Domke; 17. Alejandro Lopez; 18. Tyler Cruickshank; 19. Omar Meddeb; 20. Ken Suzuki; 21. Alex Hood; 22. Tyler Stanaland; 23. Daniel McDonald; 24. Perry Wells; 25. James Lovett; 26. Derek Shenton; 27. Sean McClenahan; 28. Johnny Salta; 29. Troy Rhoten; 30. John Akerman.

Professional Women's: 1. Keiao Gucwa-Buscasas; 2. Siobahn McAuliffe; 3. Stephanie Magallanes; 4. Tia D'Ambrosio; 5. Silvia Catalina Gararito; 6. Helen Holt; 7. Jen Jacobs; 8. Britt Fulton; 9. Casey Kierman; 10. Jaclynn Koder; 11. Yasmyn Andrade; 12. Lanikila Keliher; 13. Erin Carpenter; 14. Kumiko Sawada; 15. Kendall Scott.

8-and-Under: 1. Dane Cameron; 2. Hayden Rodgers; 3. Tosh Johnson; 4. Rio Salas.

9-11 age group: 1. Nolan Rodgers; 2. Rex Fallah; 3. Griffen Kristensen; 4. Christian Schenk.

12-14: 1. Jeremiah Sheldon; 2. Carter Hill; 3. Casey Ritzer; 4. Evan Steiner.

15-17: 1. Grant Noble; 2. Yuto Kishida; 3. Kai DePalma; 4. Travis Williams.

18-21: 1. Garret Wolff; 2. Lucas Gomes; 3. Wyatt Colen; 4. Dylan Hunter.

22-24: 1. David Haefele; 2. Johnny Atoe; 3. PJ Musico; 4. Chaz Taylor.

25-29: 1. Will Wright; 2. Patrick Calabrese; 3. Michael Yunich.

30-39: 1. Paul Wade; 2. Kelly Wawlish; 3. Robert Salazar; 4. Toby West.

40-and-Up: 1. Brad Dickey; 2. Dave Arvelo; 3. Cam Hamil; 4. Lance Brooks.

Special Awards: Oldest Competitor: Tex Haines (60); Youngest Competitor: Tosh Johnson (5); Best Wave: Paulo Prietto; Best Wipeout: Nolan Rodgers.

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