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July 26, 2012

Police: Man threw brick at car windshield

A Laguna Beach man was arrested Wednesday after reportedly throwing a brick through the windshield of a car owned by a gas station clerk.

Daniel Leon Golschmann, 49, was arrested on suspicion of vandalism, terrorist threats and domestic battery. His girlfriend, Andrea Marie Jilleen Sohns of Edina, Minn., was arrested for allegedly being under the influence of drugs, police said.


The two were walking by the Chevron at 604 S. Coast Hwy. when Sohns stopped to talk to the clerk, which allegedly upset Golschmann, according to Laguna Beach police Lt. Jason Kravetz.

The clerk came out and confronted Golschmann and the two got in a physical altercation, police said. Sohns allegedly got in between the two and was struck by Golschmann.

The fight escalated to the point where Golschmann, in addition to throwing the brick at the clerk's car, also threatened to kill him, police said.


Woman arrested on suspicion of burglary

A Long Beach woman was arrested Wednesday after trying to use a bad check at the post office, police said.

Carmela Marie Corral, 24, was arrested on suspicion of burglary and insufficient funds, according to Lt. Jason Kravetz.

Corral entered the post office at 350 Forest Ave. around noon and tried to pass a $360 check in order to buy stamps, police said. The clerk called the bank to verify the check and learned she only had $25 in the account.

According to Kravtez, officers discovered that the incident was part of a much bigger ring of people who go around to post offices and try to pass off bad checks. They buy stamps with the bad checks and then sell the stamps to businesses at a discounted rate, he said.

Corral had been driven to this location in order to buy the stamps, Kravetz said in an email, and her driver is suspected of leaving her when officers arrived at the post office to question her.

— Joanna Clay

Twitter: @joannaclay

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