Mailbag: LagunaTunes grateful for grant

August 01, 2012

I'd like to take a moment to thank the Festival of Arts Foundation for its generous grant of $2,500 to LagunaTunes.

We are so fortunate to live in a town where there is such strong support for the arts. We in LagunaTunes feel a special bond to the town since we are comprised of mainly Laguna Beach residents.

We rehearse in preparation for two concerts each year, one in June and another in December. We also stand proudly on the steps of Sundried Tomato every Hospitality Night in December and serenade the town with our holiday songs.


You can't imagine the joy we feel when we are singing for our town and its visitors. It is a rare group that comes together, no auditions necessary, and give their all to produce a few melodies that we may not only feel happiness, but give a little, too.

On behalf of LagunaTunes I'd like to express our gratitude for our town and for The Festival of Arts Foundation for supporting us.

Patti Jo Kiraly

Laguna Beach

Editor's note: The author is president of LagunaTunes.


The 'old spirit' of Laguna is still alive

Just when you think the "old spirit" of Laguna is gone — think again. I had the refreshing experience of the old Laguna coming together a few Sunday nights ago and felt compelled to share it with all Lagunaians.

Part of the last remaining large grove of Eucalyptus trees in North Laguna was entrusted to me by my mother, Helen "B" through inheritance. Her philosophy was "Like the beach, these trees are part of Laguna." I inherited that way of life from her.

My Father, Bill Blurock, a prominent worldwide architect from USC designed and built the house in the 1950s. He incorporated the house into the landscape, including in the design a tree going through the roof of the house.

Last Sunday around 8:30 p.m. while enjoying the beauty of a warm Laguna evening, there was a knock on the door. "Your tree fell into the street," exclaimed a neighbor. Sure enough, there it was, but not a tree, a branch. It straddled the two lanes briefly, the combined effort of my neighbors moved it to a single lane. It was a large branch.

Laguna's finest even drove by to make sure someone was on top of it.

As neighbors drove by they inquired and offered help. Little did I know that the "blessed Coconut wire" was starting to buzz. Text and photos flew around the net.

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