Mailbag: Bike lanes are great if there is room

October 18, 2012

I am a lifetime resident of Laguna and believe bike lanes are a desirable and beneficial addition to any community, if there is room.

It was surprising to Toni Iseman, as it was to me, that according to the Fehr and Peers report, which is based on their professional, non-data observations Glenneyre Street between Thalia and Calliope streets is not that heavily used.

I have lived at the corner of Catalina and Agate streets for 33 years using Glenneyre daily and have made a few observations. Coast Highway rivals the 405 Freeway any time of the day and making Glenneyre three lanes only would make Coast Highway like the 405 x 2.


Glenneyre and Catalina streets, in front of my house, becomes gridlocked any time there is an auto accident, other emergency, or road work on Coast Highway. What will happen during the downtown gridlock that starts occurring every afternoon about 3:30 p.m. when everyone starts peeling off Laguna Canyon Road onto Forest Avenue to Glenneyre on their way home and all the people leaving work going north on Glenneyre?

If this proposed change is to occur, to get downtown to "shop locally" I guess I would have to whip down Catalina to Park Avenue or whip up Bluebird to Temple Terrace over Wendt Terrace to get to Park Avenue and by the time I get to downtown I will have forgotten why I went there in the first place.

I will not even go into the problems that will occur during the heavy tourist season. If I were a property owner on Catalina between Calliope and downtown I would put my property on the market now while the getting out is still good.

Joe Jahraus

Laguna Beach


Vote for officials 'who stand for something'

Word is spreading across Laguna to vote for Verna Rollinger and no one else. Bob Whalen and Jane Egly are Democrats but they are not endorsed by the Democratic Club of Laguna Beach because of their voting record on the school board and City Council.

Steve Dicterow's campaign kickoff with Dana Rohrabacher scared everybody and his attendance record when he was a council member is questioned.

Robert Ross, the fifth candidate is out to lunch. As far as the presidential contest goes, most Lagunatics do not want a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, which Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney favor, and while life is precious, so is a women's right to choose what happens to her body and she should be able to have a safe, medically approved abortion if she wants such a procedure.

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