Our Laguna: City wishes for 2013

December 24, 2012|By Barbara Diamond

The New Year is a time when folks put their best foot forward. No reason the city can't do the same. Here's what some people would like to see the city do in 2013.

"Put in sidewalks on Coast Highway from one end of town to the other," urged former Mayor Cheryl Kinsman, a South Laguna resident.

She has been lobbying for this since she was on the Planning Commission before being elected to the City Council in 2000.


Chamber of Commerce President Michael Kinsman had two recommendations: "I would like the city to institute more trams throughout the year. It would be good for business, good for residents and help solve our traffic problems. Secondly, the city needs to ease up on our display ordinance."

Michael Kinsman said the current ordinance hampers local retailers and other small businesses that need appropriate outdoor displays to be more effective.

"Reduce water usage," tops the wish list of Laguna Beach County Water District General Manager Renae Hinchey.

Water district Commissioner Marv Johnson wishes the city would find a huge fresh-water aquifer under the town that would solve our water problems for all time.

"Do the Village Entrance and implement a viable public transit system with smaller buses halfway between a van and the ones now in use," architect Morris Skenderian said. "This is a mantra that has been going on a long time."


"Complete the Village Entrance," said former Mayor Kathleen Blackburn, who was on the council when moving the city's maintenance yard was first suggested.

Mayor Pro Tem Elizabeth Pearson said she'd be happy if the council would just approve a concept for the Village Entrance.

"I'd like the city to actually focus on moving forward on the Village Entrance so it doesn't get kicked to the curb," said Terry Smith, former Arts Commissioner and Laguna College of Art & Design trustee.

Mystic Hills resident Sandy Hovanesian wants the city to deal realistically with landscaping the Village Entrance.

"It doesn't need anything else," she said.

Landscape architect Bob Borthwick would like to see Laguna Canyon and the creek more beautiful and more appreciated by everyone for its value to the city.

"Make the downtown more of a village," said Margaret Warder, a school district employee and the Laguna Beach Woman's Club property manager. "Keep the lights on trees, but in the canopies, like you see in European towns."

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