City Council Meeting Wrap-Up

March 12, 2013|By Barbara Diamond

The following is from the March 5 City Council meeting. All council members were present.



Beautification Council member Joanne Sutch and President Ruben Flores presented a $2,500 check to the city for the renovation last year of the garden at the foot of Nyes Place on South Coast Highway.

"For those of you who don't know, three cars plowed into the Nyes Garden and essentially demolished a bunch of it," Sutch said.


The council decided to get involved in restoring the garden and members met with city Building and Parks Manager Vic Hillstead and Public Works Director Steve May.

"They actually discovered an old plan for the garden from the 1970s, but we decided we make it more drought-tolerant and we got rid of almost all of the hibiscus, which was not part of the plan and replaced it with more drought tolerant plants," Sutch said.

"For those who have not been here a long time and don't know, Nyes Garden is dear to our hearts because up until 1987, it was the end of Laguna."

The garden marked the southern boundary of Laguna Beach until South Laguna was annexed.

A large-scale palette-shaped sign honoring the Festival of Arts was featured.

Flores said the Beautification Council hopes to see the sign replaced, although on smaller scale.

He thanked the Laguna Beach County Water District for a grant to restore the garden.

"To me, this represents how great it is to work as a team," Flores said. "The money we are presenting to the city came to us from a grant by the water district, we did some stuff and we get to give you [the city] some money.

"I love that whole working-together type of thing and I plan on doing it a whole lot more."



The public is allowed to speak on any subject not on the agenda. Speakers generally are limited to three minutes, but the time can be adjusted by the council.

•Tom and Gayle Joliet updated the council on the progress made in funding the purchase of the South Laguna Community garden at Eagle Rock and Coast Highway.

A fundraiser is scheduled for 10 a.m. March 23. Chef and gardener Corky Peterson will conduct a workshop on creative cooking with vegetables being harvested from winter gardens.

Information about tax deductible donations is available at

Garden members have made presentations to various organizations in town and are pleased that they have been asked to help start a garden at Top of the World.

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