Mailbag: Parking problems in Bluebird Canyon still not resolved

March 18, 2013

In the March 15th issue of the Coastline Pilot, "Committee reports on parking, traffic," Barbara Diamond reported that Neil Katz told the council that one of the most significant accomplishments of the Parking, Traffic and Circulation Committee was the resolution of parking problems in upper Bluebird Canyon. Not so fast!

Many in this neighborhood are extremely dissatisfied with what the PTC did to the parking in our area. If the PTC members had listened to neighbors who spoke at their meetings, they would have been able to understand that many of us were upset with their proposed resolution.

People are no longer able to park in front of their own homes. Seven to 10 vehicles, mostly from illegal rentals on Bluebird, are parked on Morningside Drive in front of our and our neighbors' property daily, coming and going at all hours of the day and night. It has created a noise nuisance as well as an extremely dangerous driving condition.


People are now continually parked on a blind curve where Morningside and Bluebird intersect. We didn't buy a home in a neighborhood with these parking conditions, but we have them now, because of the PTC and City Council's action. A small parking problem on Bluebird has now become a major problem on Morningside.

The statement that five previously prohibited parking spots were opened up is erroneous. These spots were never taken away. They were parking pullouts required by the Design Review Board for remodels and new construction. They were always and continue to be utilized, but they are not in addition to any parking. Except for these legal pullouts, no parking is allowed on upper Bluebird.

The PTC should not be patting themselves on the back when there still is no resolution to this problem that started with one person complaining about one parking spot.

Rosanne Beam

Laguna Beach


Idea of parking structure is a good one

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