Mailbag: Teachers should not initiate inappropriate discussions

May 09, 2013

Re. "Parent urges district policy for sensitive topics" (May 3): Because no policy prevents them from doing so, currently district teachers introduce inappropriate discussions during class time on topics of no academic value, relevance, or meaning — without any professional training and without parent consent or knowledge.

In light of the fact that district teachers have initiated discussions connected to recent horror stories in the news, the board must intervene.

After my middle school children (and at least 50 others) listened to teachers introduce information about the dead kindergartners at Sandy Hook (shorty after the event), and details of the Los Angeles Unified School District teacher who fed students semen cookies, I approached the board.


At April's meeting, I urged the board to prevent teachers from initiating such discussions by adopting a policy. The board responded by stating that such incidences are dealt with individually.

This response guarantees teachers will continue to initiate such discussions because they can. Meanwhile, we parents will deal with the affects of teachers exercising their freedom of speech on our sons and daughters.

Anita Razin

Laguna Beach


Laguna: 'world-class cathedral of ocean and canyon views'

People visit Laguna Beach for the art, yes, but mainly for the climate, the beach and the waterfront hotels and restaurants that offer beautiful views.

People choose to live in Laguna Beach for the climate, the quaint neighborhood feel and the eclectic styling, but especially for the views.

You see, other ocean hugging towns have great hotels, shops and restaurants, but our rocky-scalloped coastline and our steep stadium-like topography makes us unique — we have fantastic views. World class views. We, as a town, are a cathedral of views, and each view is like a unique stained glass window in that cathedral.

And yet inconsiderate neighbors have been allowed to grow trees and hedges up and out, unchecked for decades. They have been given carte blanche to stockpile non-native and excessive shade trees and privacy hedges for themselves, while paying no mind at all to the view theft they are committing to those around them. The loss of value is difficult to calculate, as is the loss of enjoyment. And we all suffer the losses since lost value means lost real estate tax revenue, which would have funded our community services and projects. Views are our currency here; they are the coin of our realm.

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