Mailbag: Planning Commission needs spare member

June 12, 2013

It is true, very true, as Councilman Bob Whalen said, that "there is a steep learning curve when you go on the [Planning] Commission." ("Incumbents reappointed to Planning Commission," Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot, May 31.) The Planning Commission is important as well because it is so frequently a stepping stone from which candidates run for City Council.

I would therefore suggest to the City Council that it give consideration to the creation of an alternate membership on the Planning Commission, which would allow a potential new member to learn, and would also allow the council — and the public — to evaluate her or his performance to determine whether, at the next opening, he or she should be appointed to a full term.

Along the same lines, and for much the same reasons, I would suggest also considering reinstating the alternate position on the Design Review Board.


Gene Gratz

Laguna Beach

* It's about time we closed nuclear plant

Edison's decision to shutter San Onofre is long overdue. This is proof-positive common sense sometimes can prevail.

Denny Freidenrich

Laguna Beach


Let's just get rid of everything fun in Laguna

At last a new vision for Laguna, brought to us by the view ordinance and anti-skateboard park folks, will give us the sterile environment so many of us have long craved.

The only problem is that I don't think they've gone far enough, but let's first start with a review of what has been proposed so far for the new Laguna:

1) Any tree caught within an inch or so above a roofline should be promptly decapitated at the owner's expense. Views — whether of sea, coastline, canyons, city lights or your neighbor's scanty attire while sunbathing in a backyard — take precedence over vegetation.

After all, trees are so messy. They shed leaves and twigs and tempt birds to perch, sing and doodoo on our lovely hardscapes. They really must go if we have any hope of having a pristine view and environment. Think of those magnificent lunar landscapes. Why shouldn't we have one of those?

2) We managed to get those wicked skateboarders off most of our streets, but then they tried to get a skateboard park at Moulton Meadows Park. Really, the nerve of those children and their parents. Isn't it bad enough that they already cause a ruckus with their soccer and basketball games? Not to mention that obnoxious cracking and ball-bouncing sound as those balls get hit on the tennis courts.

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