Mailbag: 45 years of fun in Laguna

August 28, 2013

For the past 45 years, I have been both a tourist and a long-term resident of Laguna Beach.

My husband and I have had almost daily strolls with our dog Chacha along the Main Beach boardwalk, taking in all the sights and sounds. We and the rest of our family also enjoy body-surfing the beautiful waves in the summer.

The grandkids play on the new playground structure when they're not in the water or making sandcastles. My dog also loves the stroll. We meet many people, both tourists and locals, and a wonderful time is had by all. Nothing is more like Laguna Beach to me than this daily experience.


I am not particularly aware of drug use and leave this up to the local authorities. Our sampling of the nearby restaurants is also quite positive. We are looking forward to the new lifeguard facilities.

Summer and winter water safety personnel are always present and much appreciated, as well as the daily posting of water temperature and tides. We have great time. Come join us.

Laura Stallone

Laguna Beach


I was going to write you after David Hansen's great article of some weeks ago on why Laguna "hates" tourists, but life took over. This week, though, I'm driven to send you applause for the "10 most overrated things in Laguna." Excellent stuff.

I love Laguna Beach beyond words, and goodness knows, it's been very good to me personally, but I can't help but feel that the old fashioned, dull witted approach of some of our city fathers and business leaders could be our downfall going forward.

"California Riviera" my bum. We have the geography, but so much needs to be addressed in a modern, erudite way — perhaps (and I know this is not very American) learning from the experience of the actual Riviera and places like it before we can really live up to the name.

Thank you so much for Hansen's writing. And to the paper that allows him to speak his mind.

Jason Feddy

Feddy is an Aliso Viejo resident and a DJ at Laguna Beach radio station KX 93.5.


There are solutions to Emerald Bay clogging

Thanks for your article in today's Coastline Pilot regarding the contractors clogging Coast Highway every morning waiting to get into Emerald Bay.

I live in Emerald Bay and I totally agree with your observation. Dave, if you think there is a problem now, can you imagine what would happen if Emerald Bay succeeds in putting a signal on Coast Highway at the entrance?

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