Mailbag: Column has done disservice to Laguna and its people

September 05, 2013

I grew up in Laguna Beach and have spent many days swimming and surfing off its beaches, and, above all, experiencing its community.

I am emailing you regarding the column "The 10 most overrated things in Laguna" (Coastline Pilot, Aug. 23). I was not very amused, to say the least.

The picture attached confused me. Yes, there are a few broken-down walls and old buildings that scatter our 6-mile coastline. Have you ever wondered if those serve any purpose?


If you haven't noticed, many of those walls are painted in memory of the great people who once lived in Laguna and loved the great area. For example, Jack Denny is a surfer who grew up in Laguna Beach before my era, but from what I've learned, he was a big part of the community.

The column attacked Laguna: its originality, its unconventional approach as a beach town, its artistic flair, its almost century-old services, and the people who live here and love this place.

I work on the trolley and love my job. The tourists and visitors who ride it are always amazed by the blessing that is Laguna Beach. They praise these beaches, not because they are so perfect and tidy but because they are unlike any other place they have seen in the world.

Please do some research. Please respect the community you live in.

Such writing does a great disservice to those who work to make this the wonderful place that it is. Have you ever tried speaking to any of the public workers who clean our beaches? Consider a positive approach.

TOBIE GRIERSON is a Laguna Beach High School student.


Don't forget the farmers market

If Councilwoman Elizabeth Pearson gets to build her high-rise car lot, and if you use and treasure our farmers market, please consider contacting our City Council about what its plans are for the market.

Michael Hoag

Laguna Beach


Ode to car lots

In '64 few cars drove after five then one could on asphalt be and survive.

Fifty years since whizzing cars took oak arbors striping highway's center divide.

We'll never catch up before it changes again, half-century later no wiser than then

To be or not, the 64 million dollar question, determine this one.


Voters forced to endorse 200 parking spaces, really ?

Hatched in back city chambers finagling figures really is silly

For a three-storied monster touting biz-saving spaces,

Think five years construction fixes this auto-centered menace?

While increasing fees by credit-devouring meters without consensus

Better to have trolleys gliding along coastlines with surfers

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