Laguna sculptor undresses art

Kira Pandukht's online show focus on the theme of artistic and philosophical nudity.

November 07, 2013|By Michael Miller
  • Scultptor Kira Pandukht, left, and Polina Hryn are hosts of the Artful Undress TradioV show in Los Angeles.
Scultptor Kira Pandukht, left, and Polina Hryn are hosts… (Don Leach, Coastline…)

No one was actually naked in Kira Pandukht's living room last Thursday, but any traces of formality disappeared the moment the front door opened.

On a long table facing the entryway, the Laguna Beach artist — who goes professionally by her first name — had set out a colorful smorgasbord of treats in anticipation of her interview. Three wine bottles squeezed in alongside glasses, candles, a Buddha head, food trays and flowers, plus a pair of sculptures that spelled out the words "hope" and "love."

The letters might as well have spelled out: "Relax, we're at home here."

"You're the first person to come over in a while who doesn't know all my quirks," Pandukht said as her shaggy white dog, Dewey, ran excitedly in circles on the floor.

In recent weeks, quite a few people have been introduced to Pandukht's quirks — if that's the right word for her aesthetic convictions. Every Saturday, the sculptor co-hosts the TradioV show "The Artful Undress," which deals with the theme of nudity. That's nudity in an artistic and philosophical sense, of course — meaning that 13-year-old boys who sneak a peek may lose interest quickly.


For Kira and her co-host, Polina Hryn, the show provides adult entertainment in the deepest sense: an opportunity to discuss the concept of being unclothed and how it relates to spirituality, freedom of expression and other deeper issues.

In August, TradioV, an online channel that broadcasts in-studio discussions (think of it as a radio station with a camera filming the recording), debuted "The Artful Undress." Since then, the hosts have appeared with musicians, painters and others from the Laguna art scene and beyond.

"Nudity, we don't believe is about the clothes," Pandukht said. "That's what the name of the show is about — 'The Artful Undress.' It's about becoming vulnerable, breaking it down."


'We want to provoke you'

Anyone visiting Pandukht's home shouldn't be surprised to be offered a glass of wine. On "The Artful Undress," the beverage is a constant prop as the hosts and guests drink and toast each other throughout the show.

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