Beginner's luck at 80

Artist Paul Woodward used a clever strategy to get a show at Forest and Ocean Gallery — he walked in and said hello.

March 06, 2014|By Rhea Mahbubani
  • Sculptor Paul Woodward, photographers Tom Lamb and Hans Rindfleisch and gallery owner Ludo Leideritz, left to right, present the fourth installment of the Artist Spotlight series from March 10 to April 6 at the Forest and Ocean Gallery.
Sculptor Paul Woodward, photographers Tom Lamb and Hans… (Don Leach, Coastline…)

Paul Woodward landed his first gallery show without anyone's help.

He simply walked into Forest and Ocean Gallery and introduced himself to owner Ludo Leideritz last August. His pieces have been on display ever since.

From March 10, the 80-year-old sculptor will join photographers Tom Lamb and Hans Rindfleisch for the fourth installment of the gallery's Artist Spotlight series, which features a new group of artists every month. The contributors will be recognized at an opening reception on March 15, and their pieces will remain highlighted until April 6.

"Spotlighting three artists shows the diversity of what we are able to offer to the community," Leideritz said. "Having two artists with two-dimensional work and one with three-dimensional work adds depth to the presentation. It speaks well about the gallery that each person is a specialist in his own field."

Forest and Ocean Gallery started out with only 950 square feet to its name, but Leideritz acquired the neighboring space in 2013. Now, with approximately 2,100 square feet to play with, he considers it ideal to host an ongoing series of this type.


"We wanted to give our artists due credit for the work they've done, but also notoriety with a special event just for them," he added.

Leideritz selects the artists for the Spotlight series based on how long they've been with Forest and Ocean and whether they have enough pieces to exhibit.So far, the venue's clientele has responded with an outpouring of support, with between 150 and 250 guests attending each reception. The visitor list grows with each edition of Artist Spotlight, he said.

For the upcoming show, work by other Forest and Ocean artists will remain on display along with new works by Woodward, Lamb and Rindfleisch, who will also staff the gallery. This way, guests will get a closer look at each artist's skill set and gain an in-depth view of their work mindsets.

Rindfleisch has had a long relationship with art as a painter, architect and advertising executive, but other forms can't hold a candle to his 30-year-old love for photography, he said.

So he carts his 26-megapixel Sony camera everywhere, capturing landscapes and portraits on the move. An avid traveler who thrills in colors, textures and compositions, Rindfleisch's contribution to the upcoming exhibition includes images of Laguna Beach and San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. But there's one caveat — his work doesn't look like quintessential photography.

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