Mailbag: Chase is an asset to the city

March 20, 2014

Re: "Out of the Blue: Chase away Chase, too many banks," Coastline Pilot, March 14.

I don't think columnist Billy Fried has given a fair description of Chase bank in Laguna Beach.

It's amazing to have a bank in South Laguna and downtown Laguna. Convenience for locals is, I am sure, the big picture.

Zpizza's Sid Fanarof didn't renew his lease, and in not doing so his landlords did their job and put another tenant in the vacant and available space at the Albertson's shopping center. The office building that became Chase bank downtown is certainly more resident friendly as a bank.


We were customers of Wells Fargo in Laguna Beach for about 20 years. We had four accounts there. Recently we started shifting some money to Chase — we already had accounts with the bank in Newport Beach.

On the day my husband closed all but one account at Wells Fargo Laguna Beach, nobody even asked why, after 20 years, we were leaving?

Service at Chase is incredible — such personal service.

I think the writer is being pretty small-minded. What if another local bashed Fried's stand-up paddleboard company in a public forum?

Barbara Kastner

Laguna Beach


Girls' water polo thanks stores

The Laguna Beach High School girls' water polo team would like to thank Pavilions and Vons markets for their continued financial support.

Teaming up with Pavilions and Vons in the ongoing eScrip and the 10% Back to Schools programs has been amazing for us. We appreciate all that the markets do and their ongoing commitment to our school and girls.

A special thanks to the manager of our local Pavilions in north Laguna, Charles Gnesda, and the rest of his team.

We hope for the continued support and the ability to team up with Pavilions and Vons markets in the future.

Thank you for being a part of an amazing season.

Brian Knott,

eScrip coordinator

Laguna Beach


Live-work meets rules, conditions

I am not a campaigning advocate or a vocal obstructionist to the proposed live-work project in Laguna Beach.

I have, however, been involved with its evolution by attending meetings, listening and reading. Differentiating between facts and fears has been an important part of the process for me.

It seems as if the entities that are responsible for environmental protection and the safeguarding of public safety have all weighed in and ultimately found this project viable and in keeping with all laws, ordinances and codes.

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