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January 30, 2004
Suzie Harrison Oh no, it seems that aliens have landed on Earth and are trying to eat library books. This concept is quite peculiar, except to fifth-graders in Rosy Haynes' Top of the World Elementary School class who watched students perform the play "The Book That Saved the Earth." Haynes explained that the play was a multidisciplinary activity provided by their language arts "Open Court" series. "It goes across the board," Haynes said. "It is science, drama and language arts, and we're teaching across the grade levels -- fifth-graders performing for the second-graders."
By Barbara Diamond | July 31, 2009
Local library patrons may go into withdrawal starting Aug. 17, when Laguna’s branch closes its doors for at least three months. The branch will be getting its long overdue overhaul. Unfortunately the library cannot stay open while the work is underway. “It’s a huge, huge undertaking,” said Martha Lydick , perennial president of the Friends of the Laguna beach Library. But don’t panic. The Friends bookstore will be open except for about 2 ½ weeks, with the dates to be announced, Lydick said.
By Ashley Breeding | March 12, 2010
With his wacky rhymes and silly illustrations, Theodor Seuss Geisel ? better known as ?Dr. Seuss? ? introduced an innovative and creative way to engage children in reading and learning. To commemorate the legendary children?s author and illustrator, Top of the World Elementary celebrated Read Across America on March 5. The a PTA-sponsored event, started by the National Education Assn., is observed on or around Dr. Seuss? birthday, March 2, to get youngsters excited about reading.
By Barbara Diamond | November 2, 2006
Internationally known storyteller Theodore "Ted" Taylor died Oct. 26 at his Woods Cove home. He was 85. Taylor's three children, his wife and her daughter were at his bedside. "He was at home in his own bedroom, which he wanted to be his final stopping place," said Flora Taylor, his wife of 25 years. "The room was just bursting with love. You could feel it." Taylor died five years after his first heart surgery. A celebration of his life will be held in January, most likely at the Canyon Lodge at Ben Brown's Golf Course Resort, where he and his wife often played golf, daughter Wendy Carroll said.
By Joanna Clay | January 26, 2012
While many adults think back fondly to their bedtime stories as a child, Laguna Beach resident Dennis Yang knows firsthand that the experience is far from universal. Hoping to change that, last year he ran across the country to promote literacy and physical activity. "The Great Reading Run" started in Long Beach on Feb. 10 and ended in Coney Island, N.Y., on July 26. Yang, 37, is the author of four children's books and founder of the Papa Didos Ideals Foundation. On Wednesday, Yang read at the Boys & Girls Club in Laguna Beach.
April 4, 2003
Suzie Harrison The most valuable characteristic of volunteer Judie Lomax at the Friends of the Library bookstore is her willingness to give her time and her passion for books. "I've volunteered here for 8 years," Lomax said, adding that it was the Orange County bankruptcy that encouraged her to give her time. "The library budget comes from the county and it was cut," she said. All the funds from the bookstore go to support the library with whatever is needed, including computers, copiers and books.
May 30, 2003
The Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot went to the Laguna Beach Public Library, and asked the kids engaged in a story and arts and crafts activity, on Wednesday morning, the question, 'Who is your favorite story book character?' "All the Amelia Bedilia story books and Einstein Anderson too." DANIEL RING, 5 "Cats and princesses -- I love all the characters in the world and I like to read all the books in the world." LAUREN RING, 4 "Max and Ruby, they are brother and sister little rabbits."
September 19, 2003
The Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot went to the library and talked to children who were about to participate in the library's Story Time, asking them the question, 'What do you like about the library, do you have a favorite book and what do you like about Story Time?' "I like books like Miss Spider and I like Story Time." MILA KELLAM, 3 "The Little Mermaid video and fireman books." KYLE SHAW "I like the arts and crafts at Story Time." ABY JAEGER, 4 "I like Story Time because it's fun. I like watching the stories, I like Jungle Book."
November 29, 2002
HOW I READ IT Well, here we go again -- the anticipation, fun, fear, depression, anxiety, love, anger, joy, plus every other human emotion we've inherited since our ancestors became fully upright and walking hominids. No, I'm not talking about having a baby; it's experiencing all these emotions that make the holiday season a very special time of year and create so many lifetime memories. And the library can enhance this season's celebrations in many ways.
By Barbara Diamond | September 11, 2008
A Laguna Beach Book Store window display on South Coast Highway was intended to draw in customers, not make a political statement. The display features life-size cut-outs of presidential candidates Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama and books by or about them. “We are not taking a position, it just seemed like the right time to showcase the books with all the political activity going on,” said Danielle Bauter, who coordinates events and marketing at the store. However, political tricksters apparently see the display as an opportunity to promote their own agendas.
By Jeremiah Dobruck | April 3, 2014
Five-year-old Zoe Edelman grabbed onto a fire hose Saturday and cranked the handle backward to let water blast from the nozzle. She and a few dozen other children were getting a taste of what it would be like to become a firefighter when they grow up. They took turns shooting water into the driveway, with firefighter Tyler Swets helping them, of course. Swets was one of the crew at Fire Station 1 in downtown Laguna Beach giving the kids a tour. Inside, Capt. John Kuzmic asked a group of kindergarten-age kids, "Who knows who to call when there's an emergency?"
January 30, 2014
The Laguna Beach Unified School District is seeking gently used children's books to give to young readers during its fourth annual Bee A Luv Book Drive. The district's School Readiness Program, in conjunction with the Children & Families Commission of Orange County and the Think Together Early Literacy Program, will help preschool children discover the world of reading by collecting books from Feb. 1 through 14, according to a district news release. Developing a higher aptitude for learning, fostering an ability to concentrate, practicing basic speech skills and mastery of language are just a few of the benefits of reading.
By Jonny Whiteside | January 14, 2014
Johnny Cash was more than a country music star. He was a social crusader, international ambassador, spiritual seeker and full-time entertainer. Ten years after his death, he remains a force so compelling that the Laguna Playhouse is presenting not one but two events focused on the Man in Black. Saturday's Cash-a-thon features a performance of "Ring of Fire," a musical that features almost 30 Cash hits, preceded by a visit from former Los Angeles Times pop music critic Robert Hilburn, author of the recent biography "Johnny Cash: The Life.
By Bryce Alderton | April 4, 2013
When Laguna Beach resident Sam Dawson turned 60, celebrating was the furthest thing from her mind. "It was like the end of the world and I didn't do anything about it," Dawson said. "In my 40s and 50s I was having a great time. I used to act and loved being in the limelight. " After Dawson's second husband, Bill Dawson, died of cancer in 1996, certain signs of aging crept in, such as wrinkles around the ankles. In search of wisdom and a desire to regain vitality, Dawson, now 73, embarked on an adventure.
By Michael Miller | February 13, 2013
Jane Hanauer wants to make one thing clear: She does not detest Barnes & Noble. The owner of Laguna Beach Books operates one of the few surviving independent bookstores in Orange County - a region that, unlike Seattle or San Francisco, doesn't offer many non-chain alternatives. Anyone who appreciates booksellers with a quirky personal touch can probably check off the ones that have vanished in recent years: Latitude 33 Bookshop in Laguna, the Green Door in San Juan Capistrano, and so on. Hanauer, though, has no qualms about referring people to the retail giant if they're seeking a book she doesn't carry.
January 24, 2013
The Laguna Beach Unified School District School Readiness Program, the Children and Families Commission of Orange County's and the Think Together Early Literacy Program are collecting gently used books as part of the Bee A Luv Book Drive from Feb. 1 to 14. The goal of the book drive is to encourage preschool children to read. It's the third year the book drive has been conducted. "Reading out loud helps a child get a good start at learning. It is the most important way for a child to learn the skills he or she needs for reading and writing," said facilitator Julie Olsen in a statement.
By Barbara Diamond | January 10, 2013
Laguna Beach Friends of the Library Assn. officials have been up in arms about the terms of a licensing agreement dictated by the Orange County Public Library. The library support group rebelled against terms they said originally stipulated that all money raised by the Friends for the local branch had to be turned over to the county system. A Dec. 12 letter warned that they would be ousted at the end of January from the book store the group has operated for more than two decades if the agreement was not signed by Dec. 31. Association officials have asked Orange County Fifth District Supervisor Pat Bates to intervene, according to Martha Lydick, longtime president of the local Friends organization.
December 17, 2012
Local middle school teachers have been getting together for a monthly book club, but they leave the romance novels at home. Instead, the staff focus on improving student learning. Thurston Middle School science teacher Ina Inouye Wu started a Staff Book Club two years ago as a professional development opportunity and the club has been meeting monthly to discuss a research-based book and share instructional methods and creative classroom strategies. "Our amazing staff continues to discover new ways to collaborate and share ideas," said Principal Jenny Salberg in a statement.
By Barbara Diamond | August 30, 2012
Laguna Beach Books' series of talks by local authors will continue Sept. 9 with Maggie Anton, author of the acclaimed "Rashi's Daughters" trilogy. "The talks are a way to promote local authors," said bookstore owner Jane Hanauer. "It is hard for non-nationally known authors to get into independent bookstores, and it is a big help to them. " Anton's latest book, "Rav Hisda's Daughter, Book I: Apprentice," will go on sale Friday. It is the start of a new trilogy, described by Anton as "a novel of love, the Talmud and sorcery.
June 18, 2012
“Savages,” the Oliver Stone film based on Don Winslow's novel set in Laguna Beach, hits theaters in July. But readers who want more of the story about Ben, Chon and O, the  “three dope-dealing Laguna Beach hipsters” are in luck - Winslow's prequel to “Savages,” called “ The Kings of Cool ,” will be released Tuesday. The New York Times reviewed the novel. Here's an excerpt: “'The Kings of Cool' would be a slender book if it merely laid the groundwork for the most explosive parts of 'Savages.' But Mr. Winslow tantalizingly divides his story between two generations: the original main characters, and the 1960s hippies who spawned them.
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