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City Manager

July 16, 2004
Manfred E. Wolff Highly disturbing ethical lapses were evident in the July 6 council meeting discussion regarding the Orange County approval of the relocation of the Corporate Yard to ACT V. The recommendation by the city manager to send his subordinates, paid by the city, to participate in the proceedings of the Coastal Commission on whether to uphold the move to ACT V should clearly have been rejected unanimously --...
By Steve Kawaratani | October 21, 2010
"Voters don't decide issues; they decide who will decide issues. " — George F. Will Once upon a time in Laguna… Visitors discovered that the village was a great destination to visit and a number became residents in a great place to live. The streets were not yet congested with traffic and tourists, and the creative sorts often expressed themselves through commerce, architecture, gardens and the arts. Then as now, proximity to Los Angeles and with a superior coastal climate, Laguna Beach offered endless possibilities for freedom of lifestyle, expression, and pursuit of privacy.
August 20, 2010
Name: Kelly H. Boyd Age: 66 Birth place: Santa Ana How long have you lived in Laguna Beach? 66 years   Occupation: owner of Marine Room Tavern since 1987   Education: graduate of Laguna Beach High School, attended Orange Coast College, attended USC and at the time I reduced my course units, I was drafted and served in the Army in Vietnam. I furthered my education in the restaurant industry by working and managing local establishments.
By Bonnie Hano | June 23, 2006
It's an interesting exercise, watching the City Council meetings. Not always a happy experience, but frequently informative. During public communications at the June 3 meeting, Verna Rollinger alerted the council and the public (at least this part of the public) to an alarming situation. For years, Lagunans have been pushing for the restoration of Laguna creek. In 2003, the council approved the concept plan for creek restoration. State Water Board Resources Control members came to Laguna and the result was a grant to restore the creek at the Dog Park.
April 18, 2008
Brewery not getting fair shake from city I am a very long-time resident of Laguna Beach and have contributed in many ways to show my gratitude for being so lucky to live here. During the past many years I have not always agreed with the decisions made by the City Council, Planning Commission or city manager, but now they have gone too far and I can no longer remain quiet. For the past few months, or maybe more than just a few, first the Planning Commission started picking on Jonathan and Maria Thomas aka Ocean Avenue Brewery, and put them through the proverbial hell.
July 25, 2003
Roger von Butow Your editorial suggesting that Lagunatics "take a cue from the Baglin jury and put this thing to rest" flies in the face of your own comments (Editorial, July 18). As you noted, we don't know what everyone was thinking, nor do we even have a complete picture of exactly who was saying or doing what, nor why they were doing it. Fine for Yogi Berra-types, circular argumentative "wonks" maybe, but the inherent uncertainty will not subside.
By Barbara Diamond | September 21, 2012
South Laguna residents asked the City Council Tuesday to seed fundraising for the purchase of the community garden parcel that is on the market. The request for funding from the sale of a different parcel the city acquired by quitclaim from the county and agreed to sell for $251,251.87 was not on the agenda. The city attorney and city manager advised the council to discontinue public testimony on the proposal, despite some grousing, until the requested allocation was agendized. "It will be on the Oct. 2 agenda," said City Manager John Pietig.
April 15, 2005
Roger Carter A lot of our citizens don't realize the beaches and six stairways to the beach in South Laguna were left under the ownership of Orange County when South Laguna was annexed to Laguna. This was a deal made in hell. In my opinion, if our citizens knew all the facts, they would be in favor of the wonderful gift the county offered us when they tried to give us Aliso Beach, West Beach, Tablerock Beach, Secret Cove and Thousand Stairs beach. Here are some of the myths we've been told: We don't have the money to repair the stairs.
By Barbara Diamond | June 26, 2008
City eating establishments and stores must bag the non-recyclable foam food containers that have been the standard for take-out or take-home food. A new ordinance goes into effect Tuesday that bans local food vendors — and that means eateries from Jack in the Box to French 75, and any store that sells prepared food in Laguna Beach — from dispensing the food or beverages to customers in disposable containers made from expanded polystyrene foam or non-recyclable plastic.
April 17, 2009
The following is from the April 7 City Council meeting. ? Transit funds decline The council authorized the city manager to file an application and claim for $944,000 in Local Transportation Funds with the county transportation authority and file amendments that might become necessary due to budget adjustments or changes in the city?s apportionment of the funds. WHAT IT MEANS The city is allowed to apply for 50% of its projected annual transit budget, which is $2,050,300 for the next fiscal year.
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