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By Ken Frank | September 16, 2010
In December, I will be retiring as city manager of Laguna Beach. Over the 31 years of my tenure, the city has progressed in numerous areas. For the next 10 weeks, I would like to share my perceptions of the city's most significant accomplishments during the past three decades. As in most "top ten" lists, we will start at the least important and gradually escalate to No. 1 — the most influential change in our community. No. 10 on the listing of city accomplishments over the last 30 years is the enactment of Senate Bill 23 in 1987.
October 15, 2004
Ib Christian Abel Ib Christian Abel of Laguna Beach died Oct. 13 while recovering from heart surgery. He was 80. Mr. Abel had an architectural practice that started in San Clemente 55 years ago and moved to his home town of Laguna Beach. Mr. Abel is survived by his daughters Lark Abel, Chandra Abel, Julia Abel; son Gregg Abel; sister Jane Duree of Irvine; sister-in-law Shirley Abel; grandchildren Timothy Sexton of Hawaii, Lea Abel and Tristan Abel.
By Roger von Bütow | June 25, 2009
To: Mayor Pro Tem Elizabeth Pearson, LBCC CC: Staff, CLB Ms. Pearson: You have thanked me repeatedly in public for the free water quality workshops I gave you back in 2000 when you first ran for LBCC. I did so not out of friendship but with the naive hope that this would help you to be a more educated Councilmember, hence more capable of making informed decisions. At that time, only Councilman Wayne Baglin seemed to grasp the nuances, the subtle interaction of complex regulations, NPDES Permits, etc. Sadly, nothing has changed except Wayne was run off of the Council, the object of a "Swift-Boating" tax exempt 527. You have subsequently served both on LBCC for 7 years but also served on the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (SDRWQCB)
May 28, 2010
The following is from the Laguna Beach City Council meeting of May 18. 'Bed' tax extended City hotels and motels are voluntarily assessed 2% of their hotel "bed" taxes to be used to fund art organizations and programs that bring tourists to Laguna Beach. The assessment must be approved annually and a public meeting held to hear any protests of its continuation. There was no opposition, and the council unanimously approved the continuation of the district for another year, although with estimated revenue reduced from $1.5 million to $1.3 million due the economy.
March 19, 2004
Barbara Diamond City officials couldn't decide Tuesday where to put a stop sign on Nyes Place, but the council chamber might get a stop light. The council voted 4 to 1 at its retreat Saturday to investigate lighted clocks that go from green for talk, to yellow that cautions time's almost up, to red for stop, to replace the buzzer that shuts off public comment at the council meetings. It was the only formal vote at the retreat "Anything, anything we can do to shorten meetings -- to not have 25-hour weeks for the council," Councilwoman Toni Iseman said.
As you may know, our city got blind-sided by Supervisor Chris Norby, who questioned publicly why Laguna Beach might receive funding from Orange County Transportation Authority ? and not his cities. The reason I am so upset with Norby (who I thought was a friend) is that he had to denigrate Laguna Beach to make the case for his cities, as it relates to receiving OCTA money. As you can imagine, Laguna is not eligible for as much transportation authority funding as most other cities because we don't have major arterial highways and intersections.
By Barbara Diamond | December 27, 2007
Bob Burnham’s name wasn’t in many headlines, but his accomplishments spoke louder than words. Burnham has served the city for 2 ½ years as the Community Recovery Coordinator, at the helm of the effort to put back together the hillside, city infrastructure and neighborhood destroyed in the June 2005 landslide in Bluebird Canyon. “Hiring Bob was the best move the city could have made,” said canyon resident Dale Ghere, “You have to give [City Manager ]
By Barbara Diamond and By Barbara Diamond | November 1, 2012
The cast and crew of "Schlock and Awe" seemed to have as much fun as the audience at the gala performance Sunday of "Lagunatics," which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. A beaming "Lagunatics" founder and director Bree Burgess Rosen had culled 25 numbers from all the shows since 1992. What was still so funny after all these years? "In the Nude," said Chris Quilter , who wrote or co-wrote with Burgess 19 of the parodies in the show. "It was among my happiest writing experiences.
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