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By James Pribram | August 14, 2008
On a warm summer’s day you’ll be hard-pressed to find a nicer stretch of coastline than that of Laguna Beach. I don’t mean in Orange County or the state, but in the world. Yes, folks, I do mean in the world. Our coastline here is pristine and yet unique because of our reefs and small private-like coves. One of most spectacular stretches of this coastline, and personally one of my favorites, is only accessible by and able to be seen, either by swimming, paddling, kayaking and/or boating — and that is the area between Victoria and Moss Point beaches.
September 13, 2002
Now that a year has passed, it is more than natural to want to put the horrible events of last year behind us. Unfortunately, that is not going to be possible. As we put to rest our feelings of sorrow, we were reminded just how vulnerable we continue to be as the nation went to a heightened level of terror alert in the days leading up to the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. So that's our calling now. To keep ever vigilant. To ensure that those entrusted and responsible for our safety receive not only our moral but financial support.
April 9, 2004
JAMES PRIBRAM I'm trying to remove the cobwebs from last night's Lakers game debacle that I unfortunately attended. That's more than enough Laker talk, let's get down to some serious "Laguna Life" business and news. We have a couple of important items this week beginning with a beach cleanup day following the Easter holiday. "The Clean Water Now! Coalition, joined by Surfrider and the South Orange County Watershed Conservancy, will hold its "Adopt A Beach" "Spring Cleaning" of Laguna strands and coves from 9 a.m. to noon on April 17. Headquarters for the event will be at Main Beach.
By Sandra Siani | February 2, 2007
I am a Laguna Beach native (42 years) and was a lifeguard for 12 years. I have respect for Marine Safety Chief Mark Klosterman, Capt. Kevin Snow and the Laguna Beach lifeguard department, but I do not agree with the proposed permanent lifeguard towers on many different levels — financially, aesthetically, environmentally and practically. Unfortunately, the majority of the town has not been informed — or has been misinformed, as in [Coastline Pilot columnist] James Pribram's case — regarding the permanent lifeguard towers.
March 28, 2003
Barbara Diamond Bluebelt environmentalists have begun a battle to protect Laguna's endangered tide pools. The opening salvo is the formation of the Laguna Beach Community Tidewater Docent program, as recommended in Environmental Responsibility Element of the Vision 2030 report. The first meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Montage Resort on South Coast Highway. "This is truly an informational and orientation session, open to everyone with an interest in protecting the inter-tidal zone," said Fred Sattler, who will conduct docent training classes.
April 17, 2009
The faltering local economy is one good reason for the city to allow a kayaking concession at Treasure Island Beach, although it?s not the only one. Opening up another avenue of interest, another drawing card, for Laguna Beach this summer will serve not only the concessionaire but other local merchants struggling to keep their businesses going. And that is all to the good. Of course, establishing a business close to the surf line will require some finesse, and the operator knows there are watchdogs ready to pounce on anything that might be detrimental to the beach environment.
June 29, 2007
Laguna Beach is in the process of its annual transformation from a small, local beach and surf town to a summer destination for sun-and-art seekers from around the world. You could call it the season of "Festivus," (with due recognition to the "Seinfeld" show for inventing the name). This weekend, the "big three" art festivals will throw open their doors with fanfare to welcome what they hope will be throngs of the art-loving and art-buying public for two months of exciting and exhausting "festivalling."
April 20, 2007
Last week's unusually huge wave swell and the unusually large number of people enjoying warm and sunny "beach weather" in April serve as a reminder that Laguna Beach has become a year-round resort — with all the positives and negatives of that designation. Red flag warnings were out for three days straight, telling swimmers and surfers "in the know" that only experts should attempt to brave the waves. But with the large number of visitors, spring break revelers, and many young children cavorting within yards of massive waves, it's evident that many were unaware of the warning — or of the dangers of such enormous surf, as beautiful as it is. The city's lifeguards were stretched very thin in trying to make sure that swimmers, boogie-boarders and not-so-expert surfers were kept out of riptides and away from areas where they could be dashed against the many rocks that dot the local shoreline.
February 2, 2007
Permanent towers not needed James Pribram's column [Surfing Soapbox, "Towers Deserve Support," Coastline Pilot, Jan. 19] regarding the permanent lifeguard towers in the unique coves of Laguna Beach was feeble and biased. You interviewed one side of a hot topic. A good reporter does their research and gets both sides of a story. There are many alternatives, including an enclosed temporary lifeguard tower that would give the lifeguards protection. The individual beach lifeguards are seasonal and the proposed lifeguard towers would be permanent and cost more than $20,000 each.
By Beau Nicolette | November 27, 2013
The nonprofit Crystal Cove Alliance plans to host its Deck the Cove and tree-lighting ceremony Dec. 7 at Crystal Cove State Park's historic cottages. The event, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., will feature the signature Christmas tree on the sand, an art sale, holiday bazaar and visit from Santa Claus. The vintage cottages, restored to reflect the years between 1935 and 1955, when the area evolved as a community, will be decorated retro-style. Wreaths will adorn the doors, sea shell garlands will hang from railings and large-bulb Christmas lights will provide retro color.
May 30, 2013
California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials cited two men for allegedly taking abalone off Moss Cove in Laguna Beach, according to the department's website. Juni Pong, a 47-year-old El Monte resident, and Kuan Yee, a 47-year-old Yorba Linda resident, were each cited on suspicion of possessing abalone and taking fish inside a Marine Protected Area, both possible misdemeanor violations, Fish and Wildlife said. Department spokesman Andrew Hughan was not able to confirm the date of the incident.
By Bryce Alderton | May 21, 2013
Jesse Heydorff likes to call the inaugural Crystal Cove State Park Junior Lifeguard program "outdoor science camp meets junior lifeguard training. " From 8:45 a.m. to noon June 24 through Aug. 2, children ages 9 to 15 will hike, swim, paddleboard, snorkel and learn about native plants and animals among the park's 2,400 woodland acres and 3.2 miles of beach. State park authorities tapped lifeguards Schuyler Kirby and Chris Heinrich to start the program this year, and the two have been creating a website and fliers to get the word out. They then tapped Heydorff, who spent 14 years as a Huntington Beach state lifeguard, to create the curriculum.
May 2, 2013
An autopsy revealed Mark Gibbs, the 51-year-old Tustin man who authorities said became lost from his diving group off Shaw's Cove in April, died from drowning. Investigators are also conducting a toxicology test to determine whether drugs or alcohol were in his system, but those results will not be available for another six weeks, said Daniel Aikin, Orange County supervising deputy coroner. Gibbs became separated from the group while diving on April 12. Diving classmates did a head count and determined Gibbs was missing.
By Barbara Diamond | April 4, 2013
Crystal Cove may not be in Laguna Beach, but it is of Laguna Beach, if measured by the Laguna Canyon Conservancy response to a program presented Monday by Laura Davick , Crystal Cove Alliance founder and director of external affairs. The group applauded the accomplishments of the alliance, as outlined by Davick, and future plans. Lagunans have been involved in the preservation of the cove since scores of them participated in the successful efforts in the mid-1990s to halt the state plan to develop a luxury resort on the site and to preserve the historic district on Laguna's door step.
By Cindy Frazier | March 15, 2012
To many of us, food may be, well, food, but there are a lot of serious foodies in Laguna Beach for whom food is a passion and a cause célèbre, and even a way of life. However, do not dare confuse Laguna Foodies with the Laguna Beach Food Group. FOR THE RECORD: [An earlier version of this story referred to one of the groups as Laguna Beach Foodies. The actual name is Laguna Foodies.] The Food Group is an offshoot of Transition Laguna Beach, and its mission is to promote locally grown produce and to help people build "victory gardens" in their backyards.
By Cindy Frazier | March 8, 2012
First thing I said when I saw the magnificent paintings by Victor Hugo Zayas now hanging at Laguna Art Museum was "They're like modern Turners. " Bingo. I know everyone's all agog over the three tons of discarded firearms that Zayas used to create some dozen sculptures, which were unveiled at the Feb. 25 opening of his show, "Mi Obra," ["My Work"] to an appreciative crowd, but one that lacked the promised appearance of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. Nevertheless, LAPD officers made their presence known and said the obligatory things: what can one say when gazing upon the bent, twisted metal of handguns other than, "Thank goodness they're off the streets.
By Cindy Frazier | February 23, 2012
One of the hippest corners in the so-called HIP district of Laguna Beach is a little shop with an ocean view and an unpretentious name: Beadline. That's where Naomi Cantonwine has been selling beads - and everything else that goes with bead stringing - for 25 years. Cantonwine also serves as the local jeweler for the hipster set, stringing one-of-a-kind creations for surfer dudes and dudettes, as well as selling gorgeous ambers and intricate Chinese and Czech beads. She'll whip up a unique neckpiece or earring set for you as soon as you can settle on a piece of décor.
By Cindy Frazier | February 9, 2012
The Susan G. Komen Foundation, which has raised bazillions for breast cancer research nationwide by promoting walks and runs "for the cure," has jumped off a cliff and may not be able to scramble back after it came to light that it suspended $700,000 in grant funding to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer services and then reversed its decision in the face of public pressure. Planned Parenthood is under a congressional investigation called by an anti-abortion congressman in Florida, which made it ineligible for Komen funding under brand new rules apparently hammered out after it hired an acknowledged Planned Parenthood-hater, Karen Handel, in a top executive position.
By Cindy Frazier | January 26, 2012
It's one of the worst moments a driver can face. The flashing lights, sirens and the bullhorn ordering you to "pull over. " And why does this always happen to me around Christmas? "License, registration and proof of insurance," the officer deadpanned, scanning the interior of my car with world-weary eyes — looking for contraband, no doubt. "What did I allegedly do, officer?" I said politely, opening the glove box to procure the items. I just had to throw in "allegedly.
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