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Crystal Cove

December 26, 2003
CHERRIL DOTY Christmas carols play in the background as I write. It is always odd to be writing this column one week before you are reading it and especially now during the holidays. As I write this, the bustle that is holiday preparation is all around me. There are long lines, impatient drivers, rolls of bright-colored wrapping paper and ribbon at the ready to wrap the last-minute gifts, smells of cookies baking and cheery greetings everywhere.
By Matt Szabo | January 29, 2010
Look closely and you can still see the two scars on Katie Averill’s forehead. The Laguna Beach resident is more used to talking about her cooking. The former owner of Mirabeau Bistro in Dana Point, she is now a corporate pastry chef for Balboa Dessert Co. Yet that day nearly 20 years ago, when she fell off a 50-foot cliff in Toledo, Spain, shapes her as well. “The locals said the best view of the city was to go up this path,” Averill said. “It got really gravelly and 50 feet up, like a cartoon, I just went off the side.
By Elle Harrow and Terry Markowitz | May 26, 2006
Javier Sosa's life is an example of the classic American success story. He was born in Tijuana, came to California as a young man and then worked his way up from dishwasher to waiter to manager at Tortilla Flats restaurant in Laguna Beach. Eventually, with the help of his partner, Mark Post, he opened his own restaurant on Coast Highway, followed by another much larger, elaborately designed version in the Irvine Spectrum. They are planning a move to a beautiful new ocean-view location in Crystal Cove.
January 28, 2005
Time everyone gets piece of El Morro There has been a recent barrage of letters to the editor and press coverage of the plight of the residents of El Morro Trailer Park who are currently facing eviction. These letters and news reports tend to ignore the basic facts of the situation. Fact 1: The land occupied by El Morro trailer park has belonged to the people of California since 1979 when the state acquired most of the coast between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach to create Crystal Cove State Park.
December 13, 2002
Tom Ahern Several months ago, the Laguna Beach City Council raised parking meter rates from $1 to $1.50 per hour in a vote strongly opposed by Councilwoman Cheryl Kinsman. The purpose was to wring more revenue from visitors, since most Lagunans have parking stickers. The unintended consequence was that Laguna businesses have seen sales plummet. Many must lay off employees and many may have to close as a result. It is unclear whether parking revenues have increased, but it is clear that sales of many Laguna businesses have been decimated.
June 13, 2003
Thanks from Woman of the Year I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Women's Club of Laguna Beach for honoring me on June 6. While I'm not sure I deserved it, there was no way that I was going to turn it down. The lunch was delicious, the native plant decorations were perfect and I just loved the wrist corsage. I want to thank all those that took the time to attend and especially the brave souls that shared their comments. I recently read that the Oxford Dictionary was adding some new words.
June 30, 2011
After years of legal battles and political wrangling, Crystal Cove State Park will finally have its crowning touch: a 60-space RV park atop the ocean-view site where a private mobile home park stood for many years. Just in time for the Fourth of July, this spectacular spot will be open to the public at affordable rates. There should be wonderful views of the Independence Day pyrotechnics along the coast. The opening of Moro Campground, said to be the last oceanfront park to be built in the state of California, will no doubt mean a burst of fresh economic activity for Laguna Beach and other local cities that will benefit from the added influx of vacationers.
May 20, 2005
The public has waited a long time for the day when the cottages at Crystal Cove will be open to be enjoyed as the previous tenants did for so many years. And state parks officials need to ensure that day is not far off, even as squabbles over this oceanfront parkland continue. Former Crystal Cove residents -- like those at El Morro today, where mobile-home tenants are fighting to stay on state lands -- clung on to all hope that they could live forever in their historic bungalows perched on a beachfront paradise.
By Michael Miller | October 23, 2007
Crystal Cove State Park has closed nearly all its land to the public due to soot in the air from the ongoing wildfires in the region, park officials said today. The park, which extends on the coast between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, closed its entire backcountry area early Monday morning, locking the gates to more than 2,000 acres of wilderness. The beach area remained open to the public, although peace officer Joel Yamasaki said turnout had been low for the last two days.
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