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Day Labor

By Barbara Diamond | December 19, 2008
. FOR THE RECORD: A story titled, ?Day labor lawsuit resolved,? [Coastline Pilot, Dec. 12] should have stated that, in a court case titled ?Porto v. City of Laguna Beach,? the judge dismissed seven of the claims without leave to amend and dismissed four of the claims with 20 days leave to amend from the Nov. 19 date of the order.. The city of Laguna Beach has been victorious in a long-running action brought by Eileen Garcia charging that the day labor site on Laguna Canyon Road violated federal immigration laws and was a misuse of public funds.
November 16, 2007
? March 2, 1993: Laguna Beach amends the Municipal Code to prohibit day laborers from soliciting work on city streets. At the same meeting, officials designate a dirt strip of Caltrans right of way along the northwest side of the 1700 block of Laguna Canyon Road as an area where laborers could go. ? 1994 : Laguna Beach plants trees to provide shade at the site as well as portable toilets. ? 1999 : Laguna Beach gives control of the site to the South County Crosscultural Council.
July 22, 2005
Suzie Harrison In an ongoing campaign, opponents of illegal immigration staged a protest Saturday on Laguna Canyon Road, near Art-A-Fair, to oppose city funding of the Job Center, a day labor site. The group plans to protest at the Job Center on July 30, according to its website. Saturday, a scuffle between a demonstrator and a counter-demonstrator resulted in a knife being confiscated from a demonstrator, but no arrests were made, police said.
By Josh Aden | September 27, 2007
Anti-illegal immigration activists Eileen Garcia and husband George Riviere will have their day in court Monday against the city’s Day Labor Site. A lawsuit filed by conservative legal group Judicial Watch on behalf of the Laguna couple will go before a judge almost a year after the case was filed Oct. 3. The lawsuit contends taxpayer funds are being spent illegally by the city on the labor center, which provides a gathering place for anyone seeking day labor or seeking a worker.
By Barbara Diamond | July 7, 2006
Organizers of the Laguna Beach Day Labor Center are searching for a new location, after being ordered by Caltrans officials to vacate the parcel at 1700 Laguna Canyon Road "as soon as possible." City and Caltrans officials met Wednesday to discuss the fate of the Day Labor Center, which continues to operate despite the order. Caltrans spokeswoman Pam Gorniak said the department did not know until June 28 that the state owned the property and that no permission had been granted for its use by the job center, which has been in existence for nearly 10 years.
By Josh Aden | November 21, 2007
Judge Gregory Munoz heard oral arguments Nov. 16 in anti-illegal immigration activist Eileen Garcia’s lawsuit seeking to force the city out of the day labor business, and he is expected to hand down a ruling by early next week. The ruling, however doesn’t necessarily mean the suit will be finished any time soon. Both sides have indicated an appeal is possible if the ruling doesn’t come down in their favor. The suit, filed by conservative law group Judicial Watch on behalf of plaintiffs Garcia and husband George Riviere, aims to stop city funding of the Laguna Day Worker Center.
By Cindy Frazier | March 5, 2009
A lawsuit seeking to force the city of Laguna Beach to stop funding the Day Labor Hiring Site has reached a dead end. The state Supreme Court declined on Feb. 18 to hear an appeal of a lower court ruling against the suit, filed by the conservative group Judicial Watch on behalf of Laguna Beach residents Eileen Garcia and her husband, George Riviere. The court hears only a fraction of the cases brought to it for review, said Philip Carrizosa, acting spokesman for the California Supreme Court.
By Barbara Diamond | June 27, 2008
Laguna Beach’s Relief and Resource Center, not the Cross-Cultural Council, got the largest share of city grant funding this year. Twenty-six nonprofit art and community organizations have plumper pockets since the June 17 City Council meeting. The council approved $213,500 in Community Assistance Grants with only two changes to the recommendations by council members Kelly Boyd and Elizabeth Pearson, who reviewed applications and recommended allocations. The council also divvied up an unallocated $2,300 to bump up already funded grants.
By Cindy Frazier | April 10, 2008
Laguna Beach’s Day Labor Site will not close on Monday as expected. In a last-minute reprieve, day workers at the Laguna Beach Day Labor Site have agreed to pay more for the labor service in order to keep the center’s doors open, said David Peck, of the Cross Cultural Council, which oversees the center. The workers will pay a nonrefundable $2 fee for the privilege of signing up for prospective day jobs. The previous fee was $1, which was refundable if the worker didn’t get a job, Peck said.
By Barbara Diamond | January 16, 2008
The city has put in a formal $18,000 bid for the day labor site in Laguna Canyon owned by Caltrans. State law requires that the parcel be offered to certain public agencies. Bidding will be open for 60 days through mid-February. The city’s bid was mailed Jan. 9. “We have sent the letter indicating we are interested,” City Manager Ken Frank said. “They have received the letter, but they have to keep the bidding open to see if anybody else responds. If not, we will buy the property.
By Josh Aden | December 27, 2007
The Caltrans-owned parcel of land where the Laguna Beach day workers center sits is back on the market with a considerably lower price tag than the $1.2 million the state agency had originally asked. After commissioning an independent appraisal, Caltrans is now offering the 16,810-square-foot property to interested public agencies for $18,000, based on a change in proposed zoning the agency said. Caltrans District 12 spokeswoman Pam Gorniak said according to law, the land must be shopped around to other public agencies — the city of Laguna Beach included — before the land is open to private buyers.
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