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By Catharine Cooper | February 5, 2009
I rose early one morning to catch the colored light. That’s not quite true. I was already up, sleep-deprived and cranky. Wild horses had run the beach all night, and the dogs had never ceased their protective barking. Between the drip-drip of the broken toilet and the hoof beat/bark-bark it was a long and restless evening. As usual, the sunrise over Isla Carmen, just offshore from Loreto, washed away any signs of dismay. Red-orange colors flooded the sea’s surface and the early bird feeders skimmed the water and dove for tiny fish.
By STEVE KAWARATANI | August 11, 2006
"Oh, down in Mexico!" "I bought a cactus. A week later it died. And I got depressed, because I thought, damn, I am less nurturing than a desert." Catharine and I are frequent travelers of the Baja Peninsula, usually beginning at the Pacific in Tijuana, and completing in Loreto, on the shimmering Sea of Cortez. The majority of our time is spent driving in desert-like conditions. In fact, two-thirds of Baja California may be classified as desert. Annual rainfall varies from four inches in the higher climes of the central desert region, to less than two inches in the San Felipe Desert sub-region, located on the Gulf side.
By STEVE KAWARATANI | June 29, 2007
"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." ? Robert A. Heinlein "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." ? Roger Caras The foamy waters of the Pacific reached out to caress my feet with each replicating wave, thin strands of sea grass sliding between my toes. I walked south from a deserted Main Beach. the sunrise nearly an hour away. I quickened my pace to numb my sense of loss, Catharine's loss.
By CATHARINE COOPER | October 21, 2005
A sunrise walk along the Malecón delights the senses with shades of pink, the scents of cooking, and the hustle of fisherman heading to sea. Roosters crow, chickens scratch and men along the seawall, young and old, toss single fishing lines into the water, weighted by a small metal shard and a hook. Slowly, they drag the line back to shore, some with success, others with none. One young man has a pile of maybe 12 fish as I walk past. I wonder if this is his work for the day. Val Iverson Wilkerson, my lifelong friend and an old Laguna resident, has retired to Loreto with her husband Barry.
By CATHERINE COOPER | June 2, 2006
Offshore, two pangas race toward the harbor, a sailboat rocks gently at anchor and a flotilla of pelicans dives and dines. Awash in a world of sensations, my mind fills with wonder as I gaze at the Sea of Cortez from my new home in Loreto. The power of friendship is not to be deterred. In October 2005, I had come to Loreto, Baja California Sur, to visit my lifelong Laguna friend, Val Iverson Wilkerson. I had made the journey, as had another Laguna grad, Sue Klaasen Jones, with her husband, Curt, to celebrate the completion of Val and Barry's new home.
By STEVE KAWARATANI | March 23, 2007
"Nothing is so beautiful as spring..." -- Gerard Manley Hopkins "On a clear day/You can see forever." -- Alan Jay Lerner I was surprised, like many of us, by this week's drizzle teaser. But now, despite a very dry winter, we expect spring to March in. Nothing is quite as beautiful as a sunny spring day in Laguna, unless it is a sunnier and warmer spring day in the Baja town of Loreto. Have you noticed how much taller and fuller your neighbor's trees have become?
By Catharine Cooper | May 1, 2009
“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.” — Marshall McLuah, 1964   What if Earth Day were every day, not just once a year? I was out of town for Laguna’s Earth Day celebration, but I heard from friends and family that the event was celebrated in the true spirit of the founders of the event. My mind drifts back to the early years — the dreamy-eyed gaze of my 20-something mind — that if we all worked together, we could really make a difference.
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