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By Kirk Morgan | October 30, 2009
You get a funny look at the human psyche when you run a volleyball tournament, especially when you run a ?draw? tournament, where playing partners are drawn randomly from a hat. Almost everyone worries about how they?ll play, how they look in a swim suit, will they disappoint their partner. Like any sport, you can have good days and bad days and I?m sure there?s much of the same before a tennis tournament or a team golf tournament. Last weekend, it was the beach volleyball crew?
By Barbara Diamond | January 9, 2009
City officials have trumped an ordinance that says holiday lights and decorations with no commercial message are allowed only between Nov. 15 and Jan. 15. The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to allow the holiday lights that illuminate the trees and lifeguard tower on Main Beach to glow from dusk to midnight, justifying them as decorations erected by the city. The city code specifically allows city-installed decorations to remain in place. “There is no time limit on ‘decorations erected by the city,’” Mayor Kelly Boyd said.
By Barbara Diamond | September 4, 2008
A group of local business owners and residents have banded together to oppose the proposed lifeguard headquarters at Main Beach and are drumming up support. has been created to lobby against the lifeguard headquarters project being considered by the city. The project, as proposed, includes two buildings with a total square footage of 4,430 square feet. The 3,200-square-foot Building A, which also houses the public restrooms, will provide lifeguards with locker and training rooms, showers and storage for emergency equipment and four vehicles.
By Cindy Frazier | February 23, 2007
Community members got a "first look" at renderings of a proposed redevelopment of the Main Beach lifeguard headquarters on what was a sunny Saturday morning at the beach on Feb. 17. While most were pleased with the idea of replacing and updating the lifeguard facility, the steel-and-glass design of the structures left some cold. "This doesn't charm me," one woman said. City officials want to replace the 25-year-old lifeguard building at 175 No. Coast Highway — and an adjacent public restroom — with a $3.5 million facility that will consolidate lifeguard quarters and provide better visibility of the coastline.
By Ashley Breeding | November 26, 2009
A few weeks ago, Kim de St. Paer, who runs the HIV testing and counseling program at the Laguna Beach Community Clinic, treated an older gentleman who complained of weakness in his arms, only after it began to hinder his greatest passion — painting. A heterosexual man who had practiced celibacy for a number of years, he didn’t think HIV was something he had to worry about, so he told St. Paer that he’d never bothered to be tested. “It wasn’t a serious issue in my time,” she recalls the man saying.
By Barbara Diamond | September 3, 2009
It’s finally done. The City Council unanimously approved on Tuesday the concept design for a new Marine Safety Headquarters and public restrooms at Main Beach. Given the choice of two designs, the council opted for the larger one preferred by the lifeguards and recommended by staff. “You’ve seen this [project] a few times before,” said Assistant City Manager John Pietig, an understatement that brought sympathetic chuckles from the council. Seven previous designs were presented to the council.
By Britney Barnes | November 29, 2012
Community members will gather by the beach Saturday in a push to end the discrimination, infection and deaths caused by AIDS. The Laguna Beach HIV Advisory Committee is hosting a World AIDS Day Awareness and Remembrance event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a candle-light ceremony at 5:30 p.m. at Main Beach. "The goal of the event is not only to memorialize and remember those who have died of AIDS, but also to educate the public," said Dennis Junka, vice chairman of the Laguna Beach HIV Advisory Committee.
By Bryce Alderton and By Bryce Alderton | January 31, 2013
Laguna Beach lifeguards are making do with a temporary facility while their new $6 million headquarters is being built. Lifeguards are using a trailer on a cobblestone area near Main Beach, across from the movie theater downtown, for day-to-day activities. "It's providing what we need for our operations [including dispatch, first aid and communications]," Marine Safety Capt. Tom Trager said. The new one-story station will occupy the same space on Main Beach as the former facility.
By Joanna Clay | October 23, 2012
The sleepy seaside village of Laguna Beach is the backdrop of a local filmmaker's latest thriller - "Mirror Image. " The independent film stars Eric Roberts, "CSI" star April Eden, Ed O'Ross of "Six Feet Under" fame and Eve Mauro of "Dexter," among others. It screens at South Coast Cinema on Sunday night. Executive Director Joey DePinto moved to Laguna six years ago and thought the quiet town would be the ideal location for his latest suspense movie, which centers around a girl who grapples with the murder of her twin sister.
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