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By Pegi Lopez | September 16, 2010
On Sunday at Tivoli Too, an event to behold was held. For those of you who where unable to attend, it was a sight. Fantastic chili and dogs — dogs, they were everywhere, standing paw room only. I did not attend to report on but rather to enter my own dog, CB, in the most handsome male competition. My statistics are vague, but my observations and conversations were many. Pets competed for awards in six different contest categories: Most Handsome, Prettiest Female, Most Talented, Most Beautiful Rescue Pet, Best Costume and Most Gorgeous Senior (10 years and older)
By Bryce Alderton | September 11, 2013
Faith and dogs: two things that mean a lot to a lot of people. Three friends from Laguna Beach have combined the two into an online clothing line for canines, complete with catchy phrases that appeal to Christians, Jews and people of other religions. Cotton shirts bear phrases such as Bonefied Christian, Kiss Me I'm Chewish, Doggie Lama and Latter Day Saint, according to Cynthia Jenkins, co-owner of Temple of Dog with partners Shade Degges and Jenny Gardenswartz. The idea emerged about a year ago when Jenkins, Degges and Gardenswartz were at the beach with their families at summer's end. The group started joking about dog clothes, and eventually what started out as fun led to an idea for a business, said Degges, who was raised Baptist.
April 22, 2005
BARBARA DIAMOND Anne Wood stepped out of her usual backstage role onto center stage April 14 to receive the Exchange Club's Book of Golden Deeds award. More than 100 admirers and co-volunteers attended the luncheon at Tivoli Terrace to see Wood honored for her contributions to the community. Veteran actor George Woods, who is back onstage at the Laguna Playhouse in "The Underpants" after a five-year absence, and Doug Rowe, who starred and directed performances that led the Playhouse to prominence in community theaters, served as masters of ceremonies.
By Rhea Mahbubani | July 15, 2013
Jane Davidian is being overrun by dogs. Not the tail-wagging, wet-nosed, four-legged man's-best-friend type, though. These pooches have dog faces but human bodies and peer at you from an assortment of wood panels. Barack and Michelle Obama, Tiger Woods, Johnny Depp, Tina Fey, John Wayne, and Matthew McConaughey have been immortalized with oil colors. The paintings, stamped "Celebrity Dogs," are Davidian's brainchild. And she is hooked, much to the amusement of her husband.
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